Greg Flor


Greg Flor


The public and permanent recognition of this exemplary member of our Association and his behind-the-scenes diligent contributions to the sport of fur trapping over the last several decades is long overdue.

In the beginning…this humble man was initially somewhat reluctant to join leadership at the district level in order to avoid the spotlight, but always with a desire to serve others, he accepted the appointment. He never could’ve anticipated how that lukewarm entrance would eventually for all practical purposes, force him into MTA presidency in 1991 and lead him to have an even greater impact in the years following his term of service.

The Tanned Fur Project, the highly successful Raffle incentive program and the Trapper Education Program we have today are living proof of the important role he played in laying their foundations. An unassuming man he was elected MTA president in 1991 and served a full term in that capacity.

Many would’ve hung up their hat after that term of service in such a demanding thankless position came to a close but far be it for such a man as this. A continuous advocate for sportsmen, he initiated work on opening the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge to trapping and helped develop the program that eventually came into being. He continued to man booths at the Game Fair for many years representing trappers nearly singlehanded, yet seldom complained and never shrank from the tasks presented to him.

Virtually simultaneously, he served trapping interests at the Capitol for nearly three decades in both official and unofficial capacities.

Not surprisingly, he did most of this on his dime and only with great reluctance when basically given no other opportunity to refuse, did he ever accept any reimbursement for his expenses let alone anything for the monumental sacrifice of his time spent advocating for trappers and trapping.

Although generally an accommodating individual, he also has the capacity to be annoyingly persistent in his “passion projects” and opinions on matters that go against the majority in some cases.

He’s not intimidated standing alone when he feels that is the proper position to hold.

His efforts in promoting the Hunting and Fishing amendment to the MN Constitution which the voters passed in 1998 by large margins are legendary. Although he was ultimately unsuccessful in his fight to include “trapping” specifically included alongside hunting and fishing in the final language, he was assured that “the taking of game” language was chosen to intrinsically include trapping.

“Hunting and fishing and the taking of game and fish are a valued part of our heritage that shall be forever preserved for the people and shall be managed by law and regulation for the public good.”

His expertise as a fur harvester goes without saying along with his generosity. I don’t know if he or his trapping partner has sold a single pelt over these last years as judging from the Tanned Fur Project reports, it appears most if not all pelts are donated to that cause.

I’m not the least bit surprised.

It is with great respect that I ask the MTA Trapper Hall of Fame Committee to seriously consider honoring Greg Flor for all his work on behalf of the trappers in the State of Minnesota and inducting him into the Minnesota Trappers Association’s Trapper Hall of Fame.

Keep your skinning knives sharp,


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