MTA 2024 Goals


 MTA 2024 Goals

“The Year We All Do More”


While we should all continue working to improve the previous two years’ goals. Let’s set out to dedicate 2024 as the year we all do more to benefit trapping and the MTA.


  • Personal
  • Try to attend at least one district meeting within your district.
  • Ever donated one of your pelts to the Tanned Fur Project? Make this the year to do so.
  • Consider writing an article or sending trapline photos for our Newsletter.
  • Stay in good standard with the MTA.


  • Members
  • Make it a point to introduce yourself to fellow MTA members. This is how friendships are made.
  • We all know a trapper who is not an MTA member. Make this the year that he or she joins.
  • Join your district members in one event that they are representing MTA.
  • Help your district with gate & souvenir booth duties. Start with our convention in Little Falls.


  • Public
  • The recent Trapper Survey finds that only 12%, of Minnesota trappers belong to the NTA and only 5% are FTA members. Let’s make this the year we increase these numbers.
  • Make this the year you contact your State Representative and State Senator and let them know how important trapping is to you and the importance of the role it plays in wildlife management.
  • Organize at least one additional carpool out of your district to attend, Trappers Day at the Capitol.
  • Lastly 2024 is an election year. Please exercise your constitutional right to vote and choose the candidate that will best lead our great country!


  • Extra
  • Purchase a 2024 MTA calendar
  • Become a Sustaining Donor
  • Join the Trapper Warrior 99 Club.
  • Donate your time or resources to another meaningful cause.

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