Minnesota Trappers Association President's Report


Brian Fischer
55458 Cty RD 21
Courtland, MN 56021

President’s Report

I have just returned from the MTA Winter General Membership Meeting and the Legal Defense Fund Banquet held on Saturday, January 13th. It was great to be a part of all of it. We had enthusiastic crowds for both. Vendors and fur buyers in attendance did brisk business. DNR personnel were graciously registering furs once again providing an invaluable service to our members. The work of both the general membership and MTA leadership supporting these events by donating their labor and dollars continually amazes me. The roles you play in making everything run smoothly are essential and demonstrate your commitment to our Association and fur trapping here in Minnesota.

MTA Treasurer Brenda Jindra continues to dependably track all expenditures and provide a level of transparency that should give all members peace of mind. Thanks in part to establishing realistic budgets that safeguard the health of our finances, we can confidently open new doors to even greater opportunities to promote our sport and Association more.

As a result, the MTA was honored to provide significant funds to organizations that stand on the front lines at the national level protecting and promoting our sport. NTA Director Tim Alsleben was presented with a check for $4800.00 designated for NTA youth outreach activities and an additional check of $250 specifically for NTA Kid’s Cave immersion activities. FTA Director Dan Collins was also presented with a check for $2500 to be used for their impressive youth programs.

Our goal to support these organizations financially more fully is being taken seriously by MTA leadership and in 2024 we’re going to concentrate our efforts on assisting in growing their membership roster as well as this ultimately benefits everyone.

Our membership numbers continue to grow, as we work toward our ongoing objective to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate member roster and to alert lapsed members in a timely fashion to increase retention. Jo McElmury membership coordinator is fully committed to this ongoing challenge. In the short period between January 13th and February 1, we’ve obtained another ten memberships for a current total at the time of this report standing at 2574. It’s encouraging to witness positive growth despite today’s economy. The membership continues to share a vital role in promoting the work of our Association and encouraging non-members to join us in our important mission of

“Helping to Perpetuate the Nation’s Oldest Industry- the Fur Trade through Conservation, Education, and Outreach.”

Preparations are being made for the MTA summer convention which will be held the first week of August in Little Falls. Mark your MTA calendars, we would love to have you attend this important summer event and encourage each other and build enthusiasm as the trapping season draws closer.

MTA 2024 Goals, “The Year We All Do More” was adopted by the BOD in October. If each member committed to give more of themselves to the work of promoting and defending trapping through our organization our strength and influence would be substantially increased. Something as simple as purchasing an MTA 2024 fundraising calendar, perhaps purchasing a Sustaining Donor Patch each year, or joining our Trapper Warrior 99 Club can all make a difference. Trappers Day at the Capitol is only weeks away and another worthwhile expense of your time. Please take a stand personally for the sport if you would like to ensure it thrives in Minnesota forever by making small contributions of your time and money today.

Let’s all commit to doing a little more in 2024.

Pass it on Brian

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