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The Beginner Trapper Connection Corner Report - Fall 2022

Wow, did we have the kids this year! All demos took place in the Horse Arena with plenty of room for interacting. A big thank you to Dan Greenwald for supervising the program both Friday and Saturday. The demos, for the most part, were all well attended five had twenty youth and one had thirty. This was unexpected but welcome however, this did put a larger financial burden on a few vendors due to the numbers. Remember after all beginner demos have been attended participants are encouraged to visit specific vendor sponsors to receive incentive merchandise. Please take the time to thank our generous sponsoring vendors. A phone call or a positive Facebook post would be much appreciated. If you’d like sponsoring vendor contact information simply review the listing from the last Newsletter or Facebook listings or reach out to me, at 507-276-6322. Thank you for all the cash donations on behalf of BTC, I guarantee those funds will be used appropriately.

Luke Jackson, Craig Hilburn and I are already kicking around some new ideas for next year’s BTC activities. Trap fishing, coyote shoot and other hands-on ideas are being considered for implementation. I thank these gentlemen for stepping up and giving me suggestions that provide greater variety each year. In the future, we will strive for greater coordination with Kid’s Games activities to avoid time conflicts that force youth to choose one or the other. The Kid’s Games draw many youth and we want young people to have the opportunity to take it all in and not miss a thing unnecessarily. Thanks to our Kid’s Games Committee for their fine work.

“Smells and Attractions” is a very cool demo presentation that is well received year after year. Unfortunately, our scheduled presenter had to cancel at the last minute due to family issues and I was initially at a loss. However, scanning the crowd, I asked three girls that have gone through this program previously if they were up to the task. Eight years back they did a BTC demo together and the three same girls now in 2022 are regular presenters.
Making connections is what it’s all about!
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Brian Fischer- Coordinator
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