Minnesota Trappers Association Vice President's Report

Vice President

Bert Highland
1861 Brimson Rd
Brimson, MN 55602
Home# 218 848-2383
Cell# 218 600-7585

Winter 2022 Report

Vice President’s Report

I hope this report finds everyone doing well. Our Winter Meeting and LDF Banquet were both huge successes. Attendance at the winter meeting was the largest that I can remember, in recent history. I’d like to thank the supply vendors who attended and hope you did well. Thanks to Carlson Fur, Johnson Fur, and Fur Harvesters Auctions for showing up to do business. I saw quite a bit of fur being brought in throughout the day and when the fur buyers were packing up at the close of the meeting both had a sizable number of fresh furs to add to their inventory. I know Greg with FHA also left with a truck full. DNR personnel are gracious to attend every year to provide a convenient service to trappers seeking to register and tag bobcats and otters and drop off carcasses which allows fur sales to occur at our meetings as well.

I believe another record may have been set with participation in the Big Furbearer Contest this January, as I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the volume of beaver tails, muskrat tails, and monster-sized ‘coon entering the competition at this event previously. Interest in trapping appears very high which is refreshing. Schmitt Enterprises sponsors the Big Furbearer Contest annually and provides very generous gift certificates to the winners in each division, their continual support is appreciated. Thank you, Dewey Schmitz, for your record-keeping work that ensures accuracy.  The Pelt Handling Contest is another standard at our winter meeting, and we couldn’t offer this opportunity without the unwavering commitment of Cumberland’s Northwest Trapper Supply and Leon Windschitl owner of Top Lot Stretchers who serve roles as sponsors/coordinators and judges for this event. We’d love to see this competition grow, as there are some incredible fur handlers out there behind the scenes. Please consider entering some furs next winter and show off your hard work!  

I’m not sure yet how well we did at the LDF Banquet fundraiser, but I wouldn’t be surprised if another record was set here as well. The event was nearly sold out and participants seemed very willing to spend their money generously to buy tickets and to bid on prizes. Thanks to the Jindra family, the LDF Banquet Committee, and all who donated prizes. LDF Banquet Chairman Dale Jindra is stepping away from that position to take a well-deserved break but has agreed to remain a member of the Committee. Thank you, Dale, for all your work. Now it’s time for other members with organization and persuasion skills to pick up the reins guiding this essential event. Persons interested in learning more about the position are encouraged to contact Dale as he is more than willing to guide you to ensure a smooth transition for the next Chair. Next year’s winter meeting and LDF Banquet are scheduled for January 11, 2025.

Other positions available for consideration are the vacant District 6 directorship and District 7 is seeking a co-director to share responsibilities. If interested in learning more, please contact Brian or me. Plans are in the works for next summer’s Convention in Little Falls on August 1,2,3 at the Morrison County Fairgrounds. District 4 Director Ralph Hanneken has been hard at work lining everything up and it promises to be a great convention at a super location. I know Buzz has sent out the dealer letters and they should start coming back soon. Tailgaters can start arriving on Wed. July 31 to set up, it’s first come first served with no pre-reserved spaces. DO NOT call Ralph or Buzz about reserving a spot!  I’m thinking that by the time you read this maybe signs of spring will be starting to show, at least I hope so. Take care and be safe.


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