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Terry McElmury
25104 County Road 12
Lewiston, MN 55952


Tim Larson
316 5th Street N.
East Grand Meadow, MN 55936

Spring 2024 Report

Greetings fellow District 8 trappers!  As I write this we are having a windy day in west Texas, 50-60 mph, making it impossible to see the mountains to the north of the ranch with all the dust in the air.  It’s  February 3 and we have 2 more ranches to set up yet. It’s very dry here this year. I believe they said it only rained a couple inches all last year!  With the shortage of grass, most ranchers have had to sell a lot of cattle. The rabbit population is still down from the disease they got a couple years ago so the coyotes are fewer as well. We’re at 92 now with some kit fox, a badger, a hog nosed skunk, and 3 bobcats. 

We’re looking forward to getting to the board meeting March 2 and we’ll have our District 8 meeting March 9. Also we are planning on having Matt Carlson, the fur buyer, stop at our shop to buy fur probably in late April, early May. With what looks like an early spring, he can’t set a date yet but if you’re interested in selling to him, give me a call ahead of time and I will keep you informed on when he can make it work. He’s open to buying everything, even opossums!  

I’ve been helping Jo work on updating the membership and she’s getting a handle on it so be patient and if you have any concerns or address corrections please call her.

Well I better turn some coyotes and call it a day, take care and see you at our meeting in Racine. 


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