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Minnesota Trappers Association
The Minnesota Trappers Association was established in January, 1959 for the sole purpose of "helping to perpetuate the nation's oldest industry - the fur trade". The MTA continues to work hard to preserve the trapping heritage and your right to trap.

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Interested in becoming a MTA/DNR Certified Trapping Instructor for Minnesota?
If you have a passion for our sport and understand the importance of guiding future trappers in taking furbearers respectfully in an efficient and ethical manner, please consider joining our team of volunteer educators. Please click on Instructor Certification for additional information.

Tanned Fur Project - Fur Processing Volunteer List

LDF Banquet - A full house, a great dinner, and topped off with a fun evening. Click here for pics.
News & Notices:
Trappers Day at the Capital
Tuesday March 24th, 9:00 - 2:00, room 300 south, State Office building.
Come and make a difference in the defense of trapping. If you can, get a car pool together with other trappers in your area. If you want, we can help you schedule a meeting with your legislators and go with you into the meetings to talk about trapping. No need to be intimidated, they like to meet and hear from constituents. It makes an impression on your legislators when you personally visit them at the capital, especially when it comes time to vote on bills. Its also a time to meet and visit with other trappers. If you have any questions please call Randy Goldenman at 612-598-3886

  2020 Sustaining Donor Patch now Available...more information
(Click on patch to view larger image)
Robert Longsinger of South Dakota State University, is seeking Weasel carcasses harvested by Minnesota Trappers for their study. Click here for more information.

DOG RELEASE KITS: District Directors should have these on hand. Contact the Director in your district to get one. Click here to find the District you live in and district contact information.

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