Minnesota Trappers Association Annual Raffle Chair

Tom Boser
29041 73rd St
Pierz, MN 56364
(320) 290-4149

Minnesota Trappers Association 2022 Raffle Winners

Grande Prize: Bruce Ellinghuysen (104302)
1st prize: Nova Perrine (065849)
2nd prize: Mark Prince (004850)
3rd prize: Dave Schultz (104419)
4th prize: Nathanial Hill (053288)
5th prize: Jay Taylor (131337)
6th prize: Juan Montez (108017)
7th prize: Brandon Keller (006655)
8th prize: Christine Oliphant (086917)
9th prize: Wayne Koop (046431)
10th prize: Carl Detzel (081596)
11th prize: Michael Doty (119975)
12th prize: Treg Axtell (066540)
13th prize: Keegan Johnson (127085)
14th prize: Beau Blumer (014547)
15th prize: Todd Kilpela (072380)
16th prize: Erin Fall (051029)
17th prize: Nicole Norby (019729)
18th prize: Chandler Klemetson (039490)
19th prize: Lyndon Mincey (090235)
20th prize: Jason Fuller (014582)
21st prize: Barb Goplen (049294)
22nd prize: Tom Johnson (018460)
23rd prize: Larry Panning (017395)
24th prize: John Grotberg (097057)
25th prize: Kellen Grosser (105532)
26th prize: Kevin Berry (110950)
27th prize: Jerry Boser (084120)
28th prize: Jacob Gross (005176)
29th prize: Brent Frazier (111390)
30th prize: Danny Klaysmat (127649)
2022 Top Ticket Sellers
21 members sold a 1000 tickets or more!
Dick Hartman 5000
Randy Anderson 3200
John Russell 2610
Kyle Haugen 2420
Jeff Johnson 2280
Dana Klos 2020
Eric Maijala 1630
Keith Friedsam 1544
Tony Crow 1430
Tim Alsleben 1310
Cole Olson 1150
Kim Thompson 1130
Jake Siltala 1020
Pete Jonas 1010
Paul Kennedy 1010
Shawn O’Hern 1010
Clayton Flaten 1000
Larry Huntington 1000
Justin Johnson 1000
Gene Tschida 1000
Dennis Weaver 1000

2022 Winter Raffle Report

It’s hard to believe another raffle year is upon us, and this will be my last as Raffle Chair, as I announced at the Wadena convention last summer. It’s been a great ride, and I have met so many wonderful people along the way. I hope that one of our members sitting on the sidelines all these years will step up and take up this vital fundraiser for the good of the sport and the Association. It is truly a great thing that we’ve built over the years… Yes, it involves a solid commitment and time on your part, but it can be an extremely satisfying position to serve in. I want to assist in training someone this coming year so they can learn the critical “inside details” of the job. You won’t be abandoned to fend for yourself knowing the ropes; I’m here to help and advise. Many of the tasks are sequential and are spread out over the year. The task order for preparing for the following year’s raffle starts shortly after the preceding one ends. September and October begin the selection and solicitation of donors and prizes, applying for our annual charitable gambling license. The BOD is then provided this information at the fall meeting. The next step is to arrange for our printing needs (tickets, letters), order envelopes, etc., in early to mid-November. When tickets arrive, we package the envelopes. At the winter meeting, we hand out keys to many members in attendance to save on postage, and after the meeting, we mail the remainder to the members via USPS. From the winter meeting until the summer convention, the primary task is sending additional tickets to the members who requested them.
The first month you can estimate about an hour a night. June through up to the convention is usually pretty mild and may only require an hour or so a week. Before the convention, you’ll want to prep things so you’re well organized. The most vital aspects are logging all sold/unsold tickets, keeping track of individual sales for incentive prizes, and conducting the raffle drawing on Saturday nightThe next few days after the convention, you’ll need to contact the winners and arrange for them to pick up prizes. After all the numbers have been received, it will then be necessary to conduct the yearly audit and provide that information sheet to the state per gambling license guidelines. That’s the job in a nutshell. You can find your own rhythm if you have some relatively good organizational skills. This sounds like more than you’d like to attempt on your own; consider teaming up with someone else. Your trapping partner or willing spouse just might fit the bill.  So please, if you are interested or know of someone who would be suitable for this position, please call me for additional information.
Be safe out there,
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