Minnesota Trappers Association Annual Raffle Chair

Matt Akerson
5102 NW County Rd 1
Pennock, MN 56279
(320) 737-0559

Minnesota Trappers Association 2022 Raffle Winners

Grande Prize: Bruce Ellinghuysen (104302)
1st prize: Nova Perrine (065849)
2nd prize: Mark Prince (004850)
3rd prize: Dave Schultz (104419)
4th prize: Nathanial Hill (053288)
5th prize: Jay Taylor (131337)
6th prize: Juan Montez (108017)
7th prize: Brandon Keller (006655)
8th prize: Christine Oliphant (086917)
9th prize: Wayne Koop (046431)
10th prize: Carl Detzel (081596)
11th prize: Michael Doty (119975)
12th prize: Treg Axtell (066540)
13th prize: Keegan Johnson (127085)
14th prize: Beau Blumer (014547)
15th prize: Todd Kilpela (072380)
16th prize: Erin Fall (051029)
17th prize: Nicole Norby (019729)
18th prize: Chandler Klemetson (039490)
19th prize: Lyndon Mincey (090235)
20th prize: Jason Fuller (014582)
21st prize: Barb Goplen (049294)
22nd prize: Tom Johnson (018460)
23rd prize: Larry Panning (017395)
24th prize: John Grotberg (097057)
25th prize: Kellen Grosser (105532)
26th prize: Kevin Berry (110950)
27th prize: Jerry Boser (084120)
28th prize: Jacob Gross (005176)
29th prize: Brent Frazier (111390)
30th prize: Danny Klaysmat (127649)
2022 Top Ticket Sellers
21 members sold a 1000 tickets or more!
Dick Hartman 5000
Randy Anderson 3200
John Russell 2610
Kyle Haugen 2420
Jeff Johnson 2280
Dana Klos 2020
Eric Maijala 1630
Keith Friedsam 1544
Tony Crow 1430
Tim Alsleben 1310
Cole Olson 1150
Kim Thompson 1130
Jake Siltala 1020
Pete Jonas 1010
Paul Kennedy 1010
Shawn O’Hern 1010
Clayton Flaten 1000
Larry Huntington 1000
Justin Johnson 1000
Gene Tschida 1000
Dennis Weaver 1000

Raffle Report

Hello members,

First off I want to apologize for not including my phone number and address information on the incentive letter mailed out with member initial tickets. I had put on the Website, in the newsletter, and on Facebook but didn’t add it to the letter the easiest place for people to find it. Being a rookie at the raffle chair position, the busyness of the start of the raffle season, and getting tickets out to members I missed that when proofing the letter. It will be on there next year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ticket sales are going well! Thank you for those who have purchased tickets mailed to them and a big thank you to all those who have or are still working hard to sell tickets. 

I think we figured out a secret to assist members with selling raffle tickets at shows, fairs, stores, or maybe even general sales. I worked the MTA booth at the Deer and Turkey Classic in Shakopee again this year. I had stapled a bunch of tickets in books of four before the show. We then made a sign that stated “books of 4 raffle tickets for $20.” I know it’s the same math, but by doing this in combo with the five dollar tickets we sold almost one thousand dollars more in raffle tickets than we had in our past best year and doubled ticket sales from the 2023 show. The books of 4 tickets were selling so good we had to make more books of four and without a stapler handy ended up using small pieces of duct tape. People had no problem handing us a $20 bill for four tickets. We still had books of 10 available for people that wanted one ticket or a book of ten.  Might be something to try to see if you get the same result. We did also offer to fill tickets out for people if they bought a book, but most filled out their own quickly since it was only four tickets. We will be testing out the theory again at the Reed’s Gun Fair and Back Country Hunters and Anglers Convention.

Another thing we did is advertise with a sign highlighting the grand prize of $5000 and a chance at 21 guns for only $5.00 a ticket. That seemed to stop people in their tracks to then look more closely at the MTA raffle ticket sign, then to buy tickets. Next year I might modify to MTA raffle ticket signs to do this on the top of the sign to be more eye catching. If you are working a show, fair, or store contact your district director if you would like a MTA raffle ticket sign to use to help advertise your sales.

As a reminder and to save you time at the convention, feel free to mail sold tickets and money for them to me. I will then record the information so that when you show up at the MTA booth at the convention all you need to is collect your incentive as the ticket count and money verification will already be done. This will save me time at the convention as well and help things go quicker. You also don’t need to wait until you are done selling tickets to do this. You can mail me tickets and money as you go if you wish or mail some to me and bring the rest to the convention, whatever works best for you. Of course you can bring tickets and money to me at the convention if you prefer, just other options.   

If you sell tickets and have earned incentives, if you choose, you can donate all or some of your incentives to the Legal Defense Banquet as prizes. I will then get the incentives donated to one of the Legal Defense Board members. If you want it known that the donation came from you, just let me know that as well.

If you have requested incentives when returning tickets to me, I will be taking care of all incentives at or after the convention. 

If you need more tickets text me with your name, address, and number of tickets you want at (320) 737-0559 or you can call me as well if you don’t text. I can be reached at the e-mail akersonmatthew2@gmail.com if you want as well. If mailing tickets and money back, my address is 5102 Co. Rd. 1 NW, Pennock, MN 56279.

See you at the convention.

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