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Spring 2024 Report

Greetings Trappers,

I hope everyone had a successful season. This has been an awkward year so far with the odd weather, but it has also created more opportunities on the line. With the lack of snow, and warmer temperatures the water trapping was extended, and foothold sets on land were utilized effectively much longer into the season than normally expected. Locals report that the fisher and bobcat seasons were successful as most could drive almost anywhere, they wanted without access problems usually associated with snow depth. My wife Kari and I had a great fisher season but were unsuccessful with the bobcats.

This MN legislative session is likely to be another nail-biter. I expect this year to have the same challenges. Please keep a close eye on the legislature and leadership will continue to keep you aware of any dangerous bills that appear on our website and Facebook. When potential bad news emerges communicate this with leadership and each other so we can put on the appropriate pressure united. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly (218-640-3285). MTA will be hosting Trappers Day at the Capitol this spring details to follow when finalized. It will be very important for trappers to attend this day and/or contact your representatives, opposing any anti-trapping bills. Elected officials need to hear from their constituents for guidance, so reach out, be respectful, and let them know how important trapping is to our state and you personally.

District 3 spring meeting will be held on Saturday, April 6th. The final location is yet to be determined as this report is being written, but by the time you read this report, the announcement will likely be in your mailbox. If you are interested in hosting an MTA booth at events this year, let Don, Keith, or I know, and we can help you set it up.

This weather has been awesome as of today, January 28th. I am already looking forward to spring beaver trapping. I hope we all can enjoy an early spring.

Keep our Tradition Going,

Eric Maijala

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