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Steve Pahlen
P.O. Box 72
Plummer, MN  56748
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Chris Morinville
21000 225th St SE
Brooks, MN 56715
(218) 698-4342


Les Huerd
515 Park Avenue
Williams, Mn 56686

Winter 2022 Report

Director Steve Pahlen
Greetings District 2 members, I’d like to thank all who attended the fall meeting. Chris led a Trapper Ed Field Training session in conjunction with the meeting for somewhere in the neighborhood of ten seeking licensure and Les and Brent assisted in demonstrations. Speaking of trapper education, we will be hosting a field training session once again in the fall of 2023 in Plummer.  If you know an individual that needs trapper certification in order to purchase their license next fall, please be proactive in getting this information circulated and encourage them to, check the MTA website occasionally as well as our Facebook page for the precise date and time and get those individuals signed up. Unfortunately, we predictably receive requests for field training at the very last minute year after year. Prospective trappers must keep in mind that we volunteer instructors all have lives and other commitments and may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests for training, so plan ahead to attend scheduled sessions when available in our district.
Thanks to those of you who donated items for the auction at the district meeting and to those who made purchases.  This has been a good way for us to raise money for our association.
It sounds like we will be having a trapper rally at the State Capitol this year after a three-year hiatus because of Covid.  I’ll be making the trip and a couple of open seats may be available if you’d like to ride along.  We will be having a spring meeting in the same location in the Blackduck area. Date TBA as it’s hard for me to set a date this far in advance. Between gearing up for the spring work kickoff and ice fishing, it gets a little busy.
I hope to see you at the winter meeting and the banquet this January. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to me.
Co-Director Leslie Huerd
Hello fellow trappers, The fur market is in the tank, with some interest in beaver, skunks, and otters. These are excellent times for budding trappers to hone their skills in the absence of trapping competition. I like to make money at it myself, so I’m taking a break and doing damage control only, and reluctantly at that. Deer season approaches, and it’s hard to trap then, as there are folks everywhere cluttering up the field. I usually pull traps then or leave a skeleton line, so as not to create conflict with all these hunters. I advise everyone to exercise caution when operating in the field during hunting seasons.
Have fun out there!
Leslie Huerd
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