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From the Membership Directors:

Thank You for ALL your support. We could not do what we do without each one of our members! Please feel free to reach out to us with any question, comments, or concerns you may have.
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Spring 2022 Report on the recent Fundraiser & Membership Drive

Comments from Brian Fischer…
Non-profit organizations are always seeking to increase membership and revenue streams in order to adequately fund their missions and MTA is certainly no exception. Since I’ve been a member of the Fundraising Committee, the necessity of continuing to grow as an Association has a dramatic impact on formulating and sustaining a feasible budget plan. I want to thank Fundraising Committee Members Dan Collins, Andy Shoemaker, Steve Phalen, Beau and Jesse Vivant and Bert Highland who joined our committee in January.
The first MTA calendar has sold well, thanks primarily to Tom Schmoll and Fred Precht who were instrumental in its creation. Tom has great organizational skills and Fred provided the antique traps for the photos and things came together well.
In late fall we ordered the printing of 350 units and have sold around 265 at this point which has generated about $5000. In gross income which will be deposited in our General Fund. As an interesting side note, we have apparently hit a niche market with antique trap collectors that are purchasing these calendars from across the country.  
In 2022 we conservatively project $7000 in gross income potential. We still are working out efficiency issue details which will be improved for 2023. I appreciate member feedback on the dos and don’ts. These comments did not fall on deaf ears and will be seriously considered when assembling the next calendar project.
The calendar committee is creating a mock-up for 2023 and we anticipate having them available at the Wadena convention.
The gathering and selling of beaver byproducts such as tails, oil sacs and beaver meat as a potential fundraising source has been put on hold in response to storage implications and poor marketing opportunities at this time and will be removed as a current agenda item. Thank you Andy Shoemaker, Paul Zieroth, and Dan Collins, for looking into feasibility.
The newest fundraiser initiative: the “Trapper Warrior 99 Club” kicked off in January and applications are now being accepted if you’d like to participate. This is an exclusive club that requires $100. donation to the Association to join and restricted to only 99 members annually. Once we do hit the 99-member mark, we will start waiting lists. TW 99’s purpose is the be the source of a stream of non-committed revenue to aid our General Fund in Association activities and obligations. If you’d be interested in participating, an application is included in this issue.
Congratulations to our 2021 membership drive winners! Eric Maijala brings along 18 new members while Karen Shoemaker and Bert Highland came in second and third place respectively with their new recruits. MTA membership rose to 2,365 as of January and it’s great to see some growth in spite of tanking fur markets and otherwise depressing conditions for recruitment.
Pete Jonas from District 5 proposed a recruitment move that the BOD recently approved. Provide free MTA Junior memberships on a trial basis to those between 11 and 15 years of age who graduate the MN Trapper Education Program during 2022. Education funds will be transferred to the General Fund for these expenditures. Member retention after the trial period will be tracked to determine if it was a successful effort to increase membership and if the investment proved to be worthwhile long-term.
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