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Pete Jonas
6815 Redwood Ave NW
South Haven, MN 55382


Matt Akerson
5102 NW County Rd 1
Pennock, MN 56279
(320) 894-4997


Shawn Theis
6575 County Road 44
South Haven, MN

Winter 2022 Report

Hello everyone,
Matt and I would like to thank Shawn Theis for serving as a co-director this past year.
Unfortunately, he has decided to step down at this time due to other obligations.
Matt and Andrew Akerson, and I attended Prairie Pothole Days In New London on September 10th, highlighting our Tanned Fur Project display. The MTA was well received there.  We sold tanned fur and gave out both coloring and track books to kids. There were so many young couples with kids that we distributed all 150 coloring and track books we had in the inventory by 3 pm.
We held our trapping field training day on Saturday, September 17th.  Of certifying 13 students, three were under the age of 16 and, as graduates of our Trapper Education Program, qualified for free JR MTA memberships.
The fall district meeting was held Saturday, October 15th, at the Kimball Rod and Gun Club.  We raised 465 dollars for the legal Defense Fund.  Matt and I would like to thank everyone who attended. Even though it was the State pheasant hunting opener, it was a good turnout. The next District 5 meeting will be at Johnson Fur Company in Willmar on Saturday, February 4th, 2023.  We will be sending out reminder postcards by mid-January.   Scott will be buying fur, and a meal will be provided.   We will also be having skinning and putting up fur demos.
District 5 is hosting the 2023 summer convention in Litchfield on August 10th- 12th.  We will be needing help building the demo areas and setting up tables and garbage cans on Tuesday and Wednesday.   On Saturday evening and Sunday, we will need assistance putting tables back in the trailers and cleaning up the fairgrounds.
Call Matt or me if you are able to help out on any of those days.   I’ve started a list of volunteers already.
Take care,
Pete and Matt
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