Erwin Neprud “Buzz”


Buzz Neprud


This man grew up on a family farm near Shelley in far NW Minnesota along with three brothers and three sisters. It was there that he learned a strong work ethic and began trapping at a young age.

Besides being an accomplished trapper and a life time member of the MTA, this man has proven to be a great asset to this organization. For many years, he was the Director of District 4, he communicated well with his members and had great attendance at the meetings. He also was the Legal Defense Banquets Chairman for a good many years and helped make it what it is today which is the envy of many other state associations. Presently, this man is in charge of setting up the buildings and organizing everything for the inside vendors for all our summer conventions. This means that during the convention he rarely has time to really enjoy it or watch a demo now and then. He also travels to all the convention sites to measure the building and figure the lay-out well ahead of convention time, all on his own time and dime.

This dedicated MTA member now resides in Crosby, MN with his wife Barb, they have two grown children Jacob and Michelle. If you haven’t by now figured who this man is, he is “Buzz” Neprud and I ask that he be considered to be inducted into the MTA Hall of Fame. Thank you.

Bert Highland
MTA Life Member

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