Youth Outdoor Experience


Youth Outdoor Experience sponsored by NWTF, a first-time event, took place in Harris, MN on June 22nd (District 4) at a local rifle/pistol range. Andy Shoemaker and Gary Johnson (D4 member) worked a booth together which included tanned fur and a large variety of traps and equipment. Several hundred people stopped by with great questions about trapping. Andy gave away some new traps to aspiring young people interested in trapping. Roughly 20 families said they would attend our Summer Convention in Little Falls. Everyone was directed to our website for information concerning conventions, education and district events. Big THANK YOU go out to Andy and Gary presenting trapping to young adventurers wanting to connect with nature.

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Need Urgent Emails!

Need urgent emails! HF3911. This is our last chance to kill this bill! We now know who the conferees are for HF3911.

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