Pelt Handling Contests 2024

OPOSSUM Artie Barnes Dennis Sowada
RACCOON Dennis Sowada Artie Barnes Glade Blakesley
BOBCAT Brian Donnelly
MINK Artie Barnes Dennis Sowada Tim Alsleben
MARTIN Bert Highland Brian Donnelly
FISHER Bert Highland Dennis Sowada
RED FOX Brian Donnelly
BEAVER Bert Highland Artie Barnes Daniel Kreidermacher
OTTER Bert Highland Artie Barnes Tim Alsleben
MUSKRAT Bert Highland Artie Barnes Chris Armstrong
WEASEL Bert Highland
SKUNK Tim Alsleben Artie Barnes Bert Highland


Pelt Handling Contests 2024


The Pelt Handling Contest was held at the winter meeting on January 13. We had nine competitors. We had new participants this year as well as previous Master Fur Handlers. It was great to have a few that were new to pelt handling. They enjoyed talking with us after the contest and getting guidance and answers to questions on their pelt handling.

This year’s Master Fur Handler is Bert Highland, with second place going to Artie Barnes, and third place was Dennis Sowada. Congratulations to all of you! You can all be proud of your hard work and time you put in on your pelts. The Master Fur Handler Award was given to Bert for his accomplishment.

I would like to thank Cumberland’s for sponsoring all the prizes for the contest. They are very generous with helping the MTA.

I would also like to thank Jade from Cumberland’s Trapping Supply for helping judge the contest. I appreciate the time and effort to help with the pelt handling contest.

We would like to see more people enter the pelt handling contest next year. A reminder that you can enter one to nine pelts out of the list of fifteen species. You may only enter one pelt per species. Whether you want to try for the Master Fur Handler or if you want to have an individual accomplishment of one or two species. Each first-place pelt will receive a prize. You just need to be a member to enter.

Thank you to all the competitors and I hope to see you all back again next year with your pelts in hand. It is great to see all ages come together to learn from each other. That is what this contest is all about. You are never too old to learn.

Thank you to all the competitors and I hope to see you all back again next year with your pelts in hand.

Leon Windschitl

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