Legislative alert!

Legislative alert!
We need to contact our legislators immediately regarding HF945.
HF945 has a hearing in the House Environmental Committee next Wednesday, March 12th, at 3:00. The MTA will be testifying against the bill.
HF945 is a bill requiring permission to set traps on private property. The problem with the bill is it would require permission to even stake traps into the bottom of a lake or stream, even if the water has a public access. So if you’re setting muskrat traps on a body of water where the bottom is privately owned, you would need permission. Theres hundreds of lakes and ponds in Minnesota where the bottom is privately owned. Many of those lakes also have multiple land owners. So if youre setting traps on those waters, you would need to know where every property line is and need permission from every landowner to stake traps into the bottom. I have maps of lakes that I show legislators that have multiple landowners where the property lines arent even square. It would be a nightmare for trappers and law enforcement to figure out where those property lines exactly are on many bodies of water. If passed, it likely will make criminals out of well meaning trappers. Muskrat traps are no danger to pets or people. Duck hunters dont need permission to set decoys and fishermen dont need permission to cast lures to the bottom, its unfair that trappers would need it. Theres no senate companion bill yet, its likely coming, so you only need to contact your House of Representative’s member at this time. Also, contact the members of the House Environmental Committee and especially Chairman Rick Hansen. Just click on the link below, then click on membership. They will pop up.
Also, remember the Trapper’s Day at the Capital is Tuesday, March 12th. Please come if at all possible. It may not be too late to get a meeting with your legislators. When requesting a meeting, make sure you tell them you are a constituent and you will be down at the capital on the 12th. They will often cancel another meeting to get a constituent into a meeting slot if they know you are in their district. You need to make a meeting with both your state Senator and your House of Representative member. I can help you if you want

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