2022 MTA Goals


MTA 2022 Goals: Organizational Snapshot

  • Increase membership – our goal was an increase of 500 in 2 yrs.
    • 240 membership increase, presently organization is as 2400 plus
    • 140 youth signups
    • Facebook to date has 3426 followers, this is since 2019 launch


  • Unity within our organization
    • Shared goals by stating verbally and publicizing in print
    • More members have stepped forward to help at events and convention


  • Connection with youth
    • Targeting younger age groups with coloring books, track books, handed out 1440
    • Received over $2300 from outside sources in recognition of our youth program
    • Animal track mold kits (one for each district, VP and BTC) approx. 19 footprint species
    • Surprisingly over 230 certificates handed out at Wadena’s convention at BTC demos


  • Preserve and Promote Trapping
    • Presence at numerous sport shows and outdoor events (at least 19 appearances)
    • Handed out deserving awards at state convention to people instrumental to the sport
    • Sale of fur at shows and events have netted $8828, up from one year ago


  • Increase Revenue Options
    • Twenty-four Trapper Warrior 99 Club members, recognized names in winter newsletter
    • Calendar sales exceed our budgeted number of $3000


  • Strengthen our relationship with DNR
    • Been invited to a Furbearing Meeting
    • Presented proposals on fur season changes. bobcat, fisher pine marten state wide
    • Discussion on otter bag limits and season
    • On the table is Non-Resident
    • Someone is always represented at our meeting, Jason A. is corresponding well
    • Working through lynx lawsuit, court hearing scheduled in October
  • Continue aligning with other like-minded outdoor groups
    • Present at approx. ten county fairs –    Present at three Pheasant Forever banquets
    • Duluth boat and outdoor show               –    Supported Sharp-tail Society
    • Prairie Pot Hole Days               –    Southern Minnesota Youth Day-Nicollet
    • Game Fair (2 weekends)               –    Whitetail and Turkey Sport Show
    • Alexandria Youth Day –    Fairmont PH youth Day
    • Increase of vendors at convention


  • Strengthen relations with NTA & FTA
    • Made a $4800 donation to NTA by January (MN been listed in every 2022 newsletter)
    • Donation of $2500 to the FTA in support of their organization
    • $500 donation to MOHA
    • Supported Kids Cave at NTA convention with a donation of $250

MTA 2023 Goals: Taken to the next step

  • Increase membership – our goal was an increase of 500 in 2 yrs.
    • Clean-up membership roster and develop system to keep current
    • Access work load for Beau and Jesse
    • Membership drive contest
  • Unity within our organization
    • Lead by example!
    • Encourage direct calling by Districts to call their district members
    • Transparency
    • A corner in newsletter with “Unity” in title, List bullets, etc. of work done
    • Bring MTA board minutes to the front of newsletter
    • Need to get the word out about strong scholarship program
  • Connection with youth
    • Continuing with coloring & track books
    • Different way of rewarding participants at convention BTC demos
    • BTC new games, rubber band shoot, trap fishing, animal painting, etc.
  • Preserve and Promote Trapping
    • Yard signs made up that would say something like: RESPONSIBLE TRAPPING = SOUND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT we could have the MTA logo on a corner
    • We could make these signs available at winter & summer conventions, district meetings, sport shows, etc.
    • Increase our presence at sport shows and outdoor events, encourage more volunteers
  • Increase Revenue Options
    • Continue promoting Warrior 99 Club and add an additional 40 members, ad incentives
    • Possibly rewarding 99 club members with free admission to summer convention? free camping?
    • Work on 2024 calendars with a different contact and photographer-sell goal of 400pcs
  • Strengthen our relationship with DNR
    • Possibly a MTA board member having a seat on the DNR Furbearer Committee
    • Request for a yearly meeting with the DNR like we’re having on Sept.30
    • Start saying positive stuff about DNR, stop the negative
    • Ask for a DNR report for our newsletter
  • Continue aligning with other like-minded outdoor groups
    • Yard signs-see if organizations like MDHA, PF, WTF would like to partner up with us if we add hunting and their logo.
    • Financial support for groups fitting our mission
    • Increase our presence in the community. Volunteer for the 9 listed in 2022 and add 2 more events.
  • Strengthen relations with NTA & FTA,
    • Make sure our donations are sent promptly in Jan. for early donor recognition
    • Ask question to respective organization. How can we help?
    • MTA booth to be present at National Trappers Convention or banner recognition
    • MTA booth to be present in support of FTA Convention or banner Recognition
  • Other priority’s
    • Find replacement for Tom ASAP


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