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News and Pics from the latest trapping season.
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Season's Photos & Story Sharing by MN Trappers
Biggest Beaver Ever!
     I've only been trapping for 5 or 6 years and this is by far the weirdest catch I've had. I've heard of coons, mink and otter getting caught in rat houses but never beaver. I hope your season is going better than mine. Low water sucks too. This is my biggest beaver ever!!
Justin Westrup
Comment from Jim Ojanen:
    This is a prime example of why we need more trapping. With the lower fur prices I have noticed less trapping activity and as a result higher populations such as beaver. What may happen is problems such as disease will move in and cause steep declines in populations. I especially expect to see this with raccoon and fox as the market is almost zero for these two species. Due to the drought this summer beaver have tended to move to larger bodies of water causing concentrations. This may lead to problems like disease for them as well in the long run if we do not get more precipitation and higher fur prices.
Jim Ojanen
Professional Nuisance Beaver Trapper

More Photos...

1. Sophie Rhoda age 2 was visiting her grandparents near Foreston when she went to check traps with Grandpa Tom for the first time, catching a weasel. Her parents report the next morning when waking at her home, her first words were, “Me go check trap for white weasels with Papa.”
2. Keith Friedsam’s Coyote in the Corn
3. Keith Friedsam’s Coyote
4. Some of Bert Highlands past...
  • Young Highland with a mixed bag from early 70’s.
  • Highland with a mixed bag of furs circa 1972
  • Future MTA Vice President Bert Highland from Brimson as a teen with catches in early 70’s
New hair style - better than a Mohawk!

5. Director John Backman demonstrates another potential market for otter tails. With prices being what they are, perhaps the “otterhawk” will catch on with other seniors among us?
- Shawn Johnson, Editor
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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