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Annual Trappers Day at the Capitol
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Minnesota Trappers Association
2019 Trappers Day at the Capitol
MOHA Program Chair:  
Randy Goldenman
13115 253rd Ave
Zimmerman, MN  55398
(612) 598-3886
Trappers Day at the Capitol
  Tuesday Feb. 5, 2019
   Room 400 south, State Office Building
Come and make a difference!  

The ones that make the most noise are the ones that often get heard. Legislators pay special attention to those that make the effort to see them personally.

Carpooling is encouraged for those that have to travel. Easiest way might be to take I-94 to Marion street north. You can see the Capital to the east from Marion. The State Office building, where our reserved room is located, is right next to the Capital, just to the southwest. Parking is easy. There’s a parking garage just southwest and a parking lot straight west of the Capital for a fee. There’s also free parking to the north and west on side streets.

No need to be intimidated.  Myself or some others would be happy to set up an appointment with you and your legislators, and even go with you to meetings if you want. Just give us a few days notice to set it up for you. It doesn’t take much once you get into the meeting, all you really have to do is introduce yourself and tell them you are there for the Trappers Day and you hope they will support pro-trapping related bills. They may have questions, ALWAYS be polite and act professional, even if they don’t agree with you. You are representing all trappers!

It’s a great time to just meet and hang out with trappers too!

Any questions, just call Randy Goldenman 612-598-3886

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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