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Tanned Fur Project
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Tanned Fur Project

Tanned Fur Project Coordinator
          -- Click here for list of people willing to process fur for this project.
Tim Caven
7444 County Rd 27
Pennock, MN  56279
(320) 599-4176
Fall 2019 Report
Recent donations to the MTA Tanned Fur Project came from the following generous members and Conservation Officers:

Steve Miller – 4 Beaver
Justin Pudenz - $75.00 Towards our Tanning Costs
Jim Rognerud – 5 Beaver
Rob Caven – 5 Beaver
Dale Jindra – 6 Muskrat, 3 Beaver, 2 Red Fox, 2 Raccoon, 1 Ermine, 1 Opossum
Jade Cumberland – Northwest Trappers Supply – 4 Tanned Muskrat, 3 Tanned Ermine
Leon & Denise Windschitl – Top Lot Stretcher Company – 8 Tanned Grey Fox
In Memory of Arnie Peterson – 4 Cross Fox

Officer  Dustin Miller – 6 Beaver
Officer Matt Frerecks – 2 Muskrat
Officer Tim Collette – 1 Otter
Officer Bret Grundmeier – 9 Otter, 3 Fisher, 1 Bobcat

Donations have been very light in all of 2019. I’m hoping that this will change during the  fall and winter so that we can keep this valuable program up and running. The Tanned Fur Project is an incredible teaching machine but it needs to be fed constantly. Thank you for your support and consideration.

It was a great pleasure to present the 2019 MTA Tanned Fur Awards at the summer convention in Redwood Falls. This year’s winners were:

Third Place – Officer Keith Bertrum
Runner Up – Officer Scott Staples
Winner – Officer Kip Duncan

Thank you to the growing number of Minnesota Conservation Officers that have partnered with the Minnesota Trappers Association for the betterment of youth education. As always we owe a big thank you to Officer Scott Staples for being the glue between the Conservation Officers and the MTA. Officer Staples is always at or near the top of the donation list as well. If your local Conservation Officer is not working with the Tanned Fur Project and has questions please feel free to have him or her contact me and I’ll be glad to explain the program to them.

Runner Up – District 3
Winner – District 1

Congratulations to Bert Highland, Frank Brula, and all of District 1. Thank you for the great support out of District 3 as well. Don, Eric, and Keith from District 3 have their eyes on reclaiming the title in 2020.

10TH Place – Rick Olson
9th Place – Butch Herzberger
8th Place – Leon & Denise Windschitl – Top Lot Stretcher Company
7th Place – Frank Brula
6th Place – Bert Highland
5th Place – Brian Fischer
4th Place – Deb Offerdahl
3rd Place – Don McGaffey
Runner Up – Dale Jindra
Winner – Alan Golden

Congratulations to everyone on this list, most of you have been on it multiple times over the years. Alan Golden has been in the top 2 or 3 donors so many times and it was great to see him take the traveling plaque home this year. Thank you to runner up Dale Jindra, it was a close competition. The new competition started July 22, 2019 and will run until July 21, 2020. Points are assigned based on specie, grade, and whether it is in the carcass, green skinned, or dried. Thank you to each and every donor this past year, you did yourself proud.

Thank you to all who ran fur booths at county fairs, deer classics, game fairs, and a variety of sport shows. Your MTA booth at the Anoka Game Fair last month was most impressive thanks to Andy and Karen Shoemaker, Greg Flor, Craig & Mac Hilburn, and crew. Districts 2,3, and 6 did county fairs in July and August and did a bang up job as always. Thank you all  for giving generously of your time to work these events, you are appreciated.

As always if I’ve missed anyone that has donated to the Tanned Fur Project please let me know. I often times receive donations 2nd or 3rd hand and paperwork can get lost. I want to make sure that each and every donation is acknowledged and accounted for. Each year there are a few pelts that are a mystery so if they are yours, please tell me so I can update my records. More members are stepping up all the time to process fur for the Tanned Fur Project. If you have fur to donate but don’t have the means to skin, flesh, and stretch it please check the list on the MTA website for a volunteer near you that could process the skins and then they will get them to me for tanning. Contact your newsletter editor or webmaster if you would like your name added to the fur processor list, we can always use more.

Wishing you all a pleasant autumn while you enjoy your outdoor passions. Be safe and I look forward to seeing you at the winter meeting in January.

Tim Caven
Tanned Fur Project Coordinator
7444 County Road 27 NW
Pennock, MN 56279

Re: Photo (below):  

"Thank you to the Minnesota Trappers Association for the use of your furs. Our youth enjoyed learning about the animals and being able to touch the pelts. This has helped them to prepare for upcoming competitions."
              --Benton County 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife

Photo of youth checking out furs at 4-H show

Tim Caven

Tanned Fur Project Coordinator
7444 County Road 27 NW
Pennock, MN 56279
(320) 599-4176

©️ Copyright 2020 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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