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Tanned Fur Project

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Tanned Fur Project

Tanned Fur Project Coordinator
          -- Tanned Fur Project - Fur Handling Day - February 23, 2019 ...Details Here.

          -- Click here for list of people willing to process fur for this project.
Tim Caven
7444 County Rd 27
Pennock, MN  56279
(320) 599-4176

Fall 2018 Report
Recent donations to the Tanned Fur Project came from the following generous members and Conservation Officers:

Gene Hanson – 11 Beaver
Butch Herzberg – 14 Raccoon, 11 Beaver (Butch’s raccoon were the size of small ponies and I rode one to the tannery)
Ron Torgerson – 4 Red Fox
Charlie Bushinger – 1 Mink
Lloyd Fredrickson – 4 Raccoon
Don McGaffey – 1 Coyote, 1 Mink, 1 Nutria
Phil Goeden – 1 Red Fox
Lathan Remer – 2 Ermine
Steve Rutchi – 10 Muskrat

Conservation Officers:
Officer Chris Vinton – 1 Fisher, 1 Otter
Officer Greg Oldakoski – 2 Fisher, 1 Bobcat
Officer Tricia Plautz – 2 Fisher
Officer Jim Guida – 3 Otter, 1 Fisher, 1 Bobcat
Officer Dan Starr – 2 Fisher, 1 Otter
Officer Scott Staples – 4 Otter, 2 Muskrat

As always at the summer convention it is my great pleasure to present Tanned Fur Project awards to our top donors for the prior 12 months. The MTA has 3 categories of competition: Individual, District, and Conservation Officers. Point values per skin are given based on species, quality, size, and whether the pelt is in the carcass, skinned, or stretched and dried.

The top 10 in the individual competition were:

10.) Gary Meis (In memory of Betty Meis)
 9.) Rick Olson
 8.) Brian Fischer
 7.) Walt Gessler
 6.) Derek Matila
 5.) Leon Windschitl
 4.) Butch Herzberg
 3.) Dale Jindra
 Runner UP – For the second year in a row and eight straight years in the top five -  Alan Golden
 Individual Winner – Mac Hilburn with a donation of 182 Muskrats, 33 Red Fox, 22 Beaver, 10 Coyote, 5 Opossum, 4 Grey Fox, 4 Otter, 3 Raccoon, and 2 Mink

Congratulations and thank you to everyone that donated pelts or money towards our tanning bill this past year. The new competition for 2018-2019 is underway, please help the MTA Tanned Fur Project continue it’s strong presence in our Minnesota Schools.  

In the District Competition:

Runner up was District 3. District 3 has won many times in the past and has a great network developed to collect donations and to get them processed as well. No District works better with their Conservation Officers than District 3.

District Winner for the first time was District 1. Thank you to Bert Highland, Frank Brula, and all that assisted them. District 1 has developed a fantastic network of the collection and processing of pelts. Thank you to Bert Highland for all the skinning, fleshing and stretching he did on the pelts collected by District 1. Just another reason that Bert deserved entry into the MTA Hall of Fame this year.

In the Conservation Officer Competition:

Runner Up was Officer Brett Grundmeier. Brett has won the award in the past and is always in the top 5.
Conservation Officer Winner was Officer Darrin Kittelson.

Thank you to all the Conservation Officers that continue to work with the MTA on the Tanned Fur Project. As always if your local CO has any questions about the project please have him or her contact me and I will be pleased to explain the benefits of the project to them.  A sincere thank you to Officer Scott Staples for being the glue that bonds Minnesota’s CO’s and the MTA. With Scott’s help and guidance both sides will win.

The fair season has just wrapped up and we need to thank and remember all that gave of their personal and family time to attend the fairs on behalf of the MTA. I hesitate to list names as I will forget someone but I need to risk that to thank some members that have worked fairs and sporting events for 15-20 years. Thank you to Dallas Erickson, Darby Miller, Terry McElmury, Greg Flor, Craig Hilburn, Dana Klos,  Bert Highland, Frank Brula, Dewey Schmitz, Dick Doll, Gary Meis, Bill Adler, and Pete Jonas. If you are able to help work the county fairs, deer classics, or Anoka Game Fair for a day or two I’m sure it would most appreciated as some of our volunteers work the fairs for 4 to 6 days and could use a break.

After 20 years of processing fur for free for the MTA Mark Melby needs a break. Mark and Heidi will still accept donations to the Tanned Fur Project at their shop and process a few skins for the MTA but we need to look elsewhere going forward. At the Board of Directors meeting last month in Barnum we discussed each district setting up a day or weekend to process their own fur this winter. Your district directors will be bringing this to your fall meetings for discussion. Donating stretched and dried fur rather than green or carcass will be very much appreciated in this year of transition. Brad Herigon from 5H Fur Company offered his assistance, thank you Brad. To Mark and Heidi Melby, the MTA will always owe you a debt of gratitude for your 20 years of service.

Requests for tanned fur sets continue at an all time high. I look forward to getting the next batch back from the tannery and building new traveling education sets. Wishing you all a great fall and winter and please remember the MTA Tanned Fur Project when running your line. Be safe.

Re: Photo (below):  

"Thank you to the Minnesota Trappers Association for the use of your furs. Our youth enjoyed learning about the animals and being able to touch the pelts. This has helped them to prepare for upcoming competitions."
              --Benton County 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife

Photo of youth checking out furs at 4-H show

Tim Caven

Tanned Fur Project Coordinator
7444 County Road 27 NW
Pennock, MN 56279
(320) 599-4176

©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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