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Sustaining Donor Program & Patches
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Minnesota Trappers Association
Sustaining Donor Coordinator

Denise Windschitl
617 Orchard Rd
Worthington, MN  56187

... Pictured to the right are the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Sustaining Donor Patches along with the NEW 2020 Campaign Patch in color, featuring the River Otter, and is now available for purchase.  (Click on each patch to view a larger image)
Sustaining Donor Program News - Summer 2020
The 2020 Sustaining Donor Program is well underway.  Thank you to everyone that has bought a patch this year and supported this program.  We are off to a great start.  It is a great way to show your support for the MTA.  The funds raised this year will be going towards the Promotions & Marketing for the MTA.

With the convention being canceled, please be sure to contact me to sign up.  My goal is to raise more money than last year.  To do that, we need to sign up another 40 patches.  This can be from any year of patches, or just a donation of any amount to this program as well.  Let’s try to make that happen.  

We will still have some of the previous 3 years patches available and can sell them as well for $25 each.  Any of these donations will also go to the Promotions & Marketing of the MTA.  

To help support this program you can donate $25 and you will receive the Sustaining Donor Patch.  Your name will also be listed in the newsletter on the list of donors.  If you would like to receive your patch, please contact Denise Windschitl @ 507-360-6935 or windschitl@frontiernet.net or you can send in your request to me at 617 Orchard Rd. Worthington, MN 56187.  Top Lot Stretcher Co. also has these sustaining donor patches on their website as another way to purchase.  The website is www.toplotstretcherco.com.  The order will be processed, and money transferred to the MTA.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact me.
Thanks for your support.
Denise Windschitl
Sustaining Donor Coordinator
Sustaining Donor List:
Leon Windschitl
Top Lot Stretcher Co.
Lloyd Baakkonen
Barry Warner
Jeff Bussler
Keith Friedsam
Eric Maijala
Duane Schmitz
Buzz Neprud
Drake Jackson
David Stutz
Chris Holm
Gary Jorgensen
Mitchell Moser
Bryce Moser
Wayne Thompson
John Backman
Dallas Erickson
David Ziegler
Artie Barnes
Jim Anderson
Dennis Udovich
Bert Highland
Tweety Highland
Dave Curtis
Alan Golden
Cumberlands Family
Karen Shoemaker
Andy Shoemaker
Orville Nelson
Brianna Jonas
Tom Schmoll
Frank Brula
Rob Heavirland
Mike Ardolf

Jeremy Hemp
Wayne Barros
Dave Peterson
Paul Jindra
Jim Lawrence
Matt Buntjer
Gary Stezer
Dennis Sowada
Bruce Lotti
Brad Laidig
Mike Shaleen Sr.
Gabby Hayes
Carl Earnest
Mike Fick
Matt Leek (2)
Steve Hosman
Tom Marks
Troy Hacket
Cory Hakala
Richard Tharp
Richard Carlson
Jim Slocum
Mariah Slocum
Cassandra Moe
Slocum Taxidermy
Melvin Brenke
Mike Kowalski
Andy Kietzman
Darold Krzmarzick
Dusty Luedtke
Dan Parsons
Randy Goldenman
Larry Jacobson
Arleigh Nelson
Nathan Niebuhr

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