Ron Hook

Ron Hook

Born: October 5, 1938

Died: August 9, 1992

Hometown: Russell, Minnesota

Ron was married to his wife Delores for 34 years. He had 4 sons, 2 daughters, and 8 grandchildren. Ron was the Chief of the Russell Fire Department; President of the Commerical Club; on the City Council; Regional Golden Glove Director for Southwestern MN and Eastern South Dakota; and Golden Glove Coach for many towns.

Ron held these positions with the MTA: Co-Director of District 7 for 9 years; held Regional Meetings in the surrounding area; MTA Trapper of the Year – 1992; MTA President Award – 1992. He also served on the Education board. Ron was known for his dedication to helping at the Trapping Conventions. He enjoyed working at the gate and the auctions. Ron enjoyed greeting everyone with his smile and laugh. He and his family were truly the first family of the MTA. Ron worked to get all of the kids involved in the MTA conventions and helped the MTA realize the importance of including the family in all the activities at the convention. We will miss him so. Ron taught many people how to trap and was a good sportsman. Ron enjoyed camping, hunting, and trapping, and was looking forward to retiring and doing some traveling.

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