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Annual MTA Raffle Winners
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Minnesota Trappers Association
2020 Raffle Winners
Grand Prize: 4 wheeler-Ryan Gerlach (069792)
1st prize: Fur Blanket-Randy Hjort(024324)
2nd prize: Weatherby Orion O/U 12ga-Tom Provost(015536)
3rd prize: Weatherby Vanguard 6.5x300-Al  Hulke(032462)
4th prize: Weatherby Vanguard 7mm-Larry Carl(070472)
5th prize: Winchester XRP sporter 270-MaryLou Mcclaren-Beier(003649)
6th prize: Browning A-Bolt III 243-Chad Ratcliff(000407)
7th prize: Stoeger M3000 12ga-Hanson Marine Repair(024171)
8th prize: Henry Golden Boy 22LR-Bill Hane(068509)
9th prize: Howa 1500 223-Josh Bennett(070439)
10th prize: Ruger American 30-06-Caleb Boltz(053911)
11th prize: Ruger American 6.5 Creedmore George Hoff(024031)
12th prize: T/C Dimension 22-250-Randy Salo(015121)
13th prize: Savage Axis 243-Kevin Berry(040122)
14th prize: CVA Optima V2 50cal-Brian Anderson(035389)
15th Prize: Remington 870 12ga-Jake Nelson(039675)
16th prize: Ruger 10/22- Kevin Raddle(122938)
17th prize: Remington 597 22LR-Chuck Michalski
18th prize: Savage Stevens 320 12ga-Wayne Duncan(033461)
19th prize: Savage Stevens 320 20ga-Reggie Brummund(101160)
20th prize:CVA Wolf 50cal-Todd Serres(009653)
21st prize: Rossi RB17 17HMR-Mike Ficcadenti(111632)
22nd prize:Rossi RB22WMR-Chris Gunderson(117868)
23rd prize: Savage MK II 22LR-Michael Lance(128359)
24th prize: TR Imports Silver Eagle 12ga-Dean Devalk(020738)
25th prize: Coyote Fur Hat-Todd Blumer(112984)
26th prize: Red Fox Fur Hat-Jodi Loomis(068048)
27th prize: Savage 64 22LR-Robert Reis(005505)
28th prize: $100-Dorie Fornero(012187)
29th prize: $100-Tim Schneider(002688)
30th prize: $100- James Boser(019425)
31st prize: $100-Bev Barcel(051856)

2020 Top ticket sellers
15 members sold over a 1000 tickets!
Dick Hartman 5170
John Russell 4000
Dana Klos 2000
Eric Maijala 1760
Clayton Flaten 1500
Randy Anderson 1430
Riley Ziegler 1300
Tyler Blakesley 1233
Keith Friedsam 1200
Cole McAllister 1100
Dennis Weaver 1010
Justin Johnson 1000
David Peterson 1000 (Tamarack)
Duane Schmitz 1000
Gene Tschida 1000

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