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MTA President, Brian Fischer
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Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report

Brian Fischer
1427 Hwy. 14 West
P.O. Box 55
New Ulm, MN 56073

MTA President’s Report
Fall 2021

Members of the MTA:

On July 31 of 2021, at our summer convention, I was elected MTA President and alongside me, Bert Highland as Vice President. We both are thankful and appreciative of all the kind words of encouragement. I must, in return, give my thanks and deep appreciation for our outgoing President Todd and Vice President Dewey. They both have done so much for the organization and that work will shine on.

I am 61 and have been a trapper since childhood. So, it’s no surprise to those that know me that I have a passion for the sport and a personal mission to reach out to our youth through the Association's trapper recruitment efforts. I have been a member of the Association since the 1990s and have served in several leadership roles at the district level including co-director as well as director in addition to committee responsibilities.

I’m also a second career type of guy transitioning from agriculture to a business.. I farmed for 8 years after graduating high school, left architecture, and began designing customer’s dream homes. Thirty-eight years later, I own lumberyards in two locations and employ 22 people. I’ve really helped make a positive difference in these local communities.

This is the type of drive to succeed I bring to the table for MTA. I have been blessed with leadership and people skills and the know-how to use them effectively.

Success in business requires goal setting, planning, and timely implementation. MTA needs to act in a similar fashion. Bert and I have assembled some worthwhile goals for the Board to consider and have invited district leadership to actively participate in a similar fashion for the good of the sport and the Association.

By prioritizing and focusing intently on those goals we will move forward to make a great Association even better.
Our 2021 convention took place July 29-31 in Barnum. District 1, director John, co-director Paul, and their district members deserve a debt of gratitude for their organizational skills Volunteers make all the difference and help ease the workload for everyone. Thank you to those that selflessly gave of their time and labor.

The MTA trailers have already been moved to Wadena for next year’s convention, may we all step forward and volunteer some time in appreciation of the MTA.

This is an election year for directors and co-directors as well. Please attend your fall meeting and have a voice. Get involved, support, and encourage your fellow trappers by your actions. I personally look forward to working with District 3 which will be hosting in 2022. I’m hoping to have a Board meeting around October 2nd if practical after district elections have been held.

Unity, increasing membership by promotion, and expanding youth education opportunities are fundamental to building the future. Bert has similar thoughts that will no doubt be reflected in his VP column.

We are one state, and I would like to unite all trappers to remain focused on MTA’s mission statement.

“Helping to Perpetuate the Nation’s Oldest Industry- The Fur Trade: Conservation- Education- Outreach"

Pass it On, Brian

©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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