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MTA President, Todd Roggenkamp
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Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report
Todd Roggenkamp
8100 Shady Trail
Breezy Point, MN  56472
(218) 562-4050

Summer 2020 Report
MTA President’s Report
Summer 2020

Members of the MTA:

Greetings. I write this report as our world is living through unprecedented times. No matter what you do or where you are, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all. I encourage all of you to practice your social distancing. If you haven’t already, get out and enjoy the outdoors with your family. Hopefully you got out this spring beaver trapping, fishing, turkey hunting, or picking some morels.

I want to start by informing everyone the BOD met by phone on April 19th to have an abbreviated BOD meeting. One of the agenda items was the 2020 MTA convention. The BOD after discussion, voted unanimously to cancel the MTA convention for 2020. While there will be a small financial loss, the BOD felt this was not enough to overrule canceling it. The safety of all our members is of the utmost importance to the BOD and we felt this was the best course of action based on information at that time.  The MTA Raffle will proceed as planned. All tickets and monies should be sent or turned into Raffle chair Tom Boser. Please look to the Raffle Chair’s report in the MTA magazine and check the Facebook page, or website for updates.  

District 1 was to be the hosting district this year for the convention. Due to the cancellation of this year’s convention, District 1 will be the host district next year the convention will be held in Barnum. Dates have yet to be determined, but the membership will be notified once they have been set.

In other business, I want to take the time to welcome Beau and Jesse Vivant as our new Membership Coordinators. They will be taking over for Matt and Kaitlin Buntjer. Beau and Jesse’s contact information can be found in the MTA magazine or on the website. Please be patient with them as they take over and learn their new position. Matt and Kaitlin have been working with them to make the transition as smooth as possible. I want to thank Matt and Kaitlin for their service to the MTA and I wish them well.

Our former Editor Cat Hanson has graciously agreed to do the summer issue of the MTA magazine for us, since the MTA has still not finalized the new person(s) who will be taking over. The fall issue will be produced by our new Editor/layout person.

The legislative session this year was a very quiet one due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the state dealing with all the ramifications associated with it. There were no bills passed that will impact trapping in any way in the state for this coming year. I suspect the next session will see a return of the same issues we have been dealing with and I have no doubt we will continue to see attacks on traps, trappers, and trapping in this state. As always, the MTA will keep you informed of any new developments regarding trapping in our state and how you can help if needed.

This is about all I have for this time around. I want to end by thanking all of you who support the MTA by being a member. Without you, the MTA does not exist. As I have stated in the past, this is your organization and the BOD and I work for you. If you have questions or concerns about what is going on in the MTA or just need more information, please contact your district director or your officers. We are all here to serve you the member and we will do our best to answer your questions or get the answers if we don’t have them when you ask. The organization is only as strong as its members. If you know of a trapper who is not a member of the MTA invite them to join and support the organization who continually fights for their rights as trappers.

If you have questions or concerns, contact me. You can reach me at mntapresident@yahoo.com or at 218-562-4050.  I will do my best to answer them for you. Please stay safe and healthy!!

Together we stand-

BOD Summer 2020 Update
To All:
I send you summer greetings.
I wanted to give everyone a brief update on a few items.

  • MTA Raffle- Tom has worked to get our Gambling Permit updated and approved to have the raffle drawing at the Legion in Brainerd, MN on the date stated on our raffle ticket. All raffle tickets are due to Tom I believe by July 25, 2020 if I remember right. Tom, please correct me if I am wrong on this. The committee to be present at the drawing of the raffle tickets will be as follows: Brenda Jindra- Treasurer, President Roggenkamp, Vice President Schmitz, Raffle Chair/ Dist. 4 Director Tom Boser, and Legal Counsel Gary Leistico. The winners will be contacted as well as posted on the website, MTA Facebook page, and in our Fall issue of the magazine.

  • MTA Magazine Editor/Layout position- I have been able to fill this position with two people doing the job. The MTA Editor will be Shawn Johnson and our Layout person will be Vince Reichenbach. Vince hails from the Brainerd area and is the Marketing/Advertising coordinator for Radco industries in Brainerd. Vince’s email address is Vince.MTA@gmail.com and can be contacted by phone at 715-896-2986. All content for the magazine such as articles, director’s reports etc.. needs to be sent from now on to Shawn at his email address. Shawn will handle all editing and content for the magazine. He will be paid $250 per issue as we have done in past. Vince will handle all layout and advertising for the magazine. So any ads or ad solicitations should be sent to him. Vince will also insure the magazine gets to the printer and work with our Membership Coordinators Jesse and Beau to have them get the most recent membership list to the printers. Vince will receive $15 per page to layout and the 10% commission from all ad sales in the magazine. I have asked Cat Hanson to provide any resources and information she can to Vince and Shawn. They will be working together to produce the magazine for future issues. Please have reports etc… to Shawn not later than August 20, 2020 for the fall issue of the magazine. Please take the time to welcome Vince and contact he or Shawn with any questions surrounding the magazine.

  • MTA BOD meeting- in light of the continue concerns about COVID-19 we will not be holding a face to face BOD meeting. Instead, we will have another conference call for this. The agenda will be kept light and main topics only will be covered. I will be putting together an agenda and also setting a time and date for the call. Right now I am planning for the call to happen between August 2-8. As I get this nailed down I will let everyone know. At this point, I am planning to hold a face to face meeting for our Fall BOD meeting.

If any of you have specific questions, please contact me.


Todd Roggenkamp
MTA President
8100 Shady Trail
Breezy Point, MN 56472
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