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MTA President, Todd Roggenkamp
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Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report
Todd Roggenkamp
8100 Shady Trail
Breezy Point, MN  56472
(218) 562-4050

MTA President’s Report
Summer 2021

Members of the MTA:

Greetings. I hope this finds all of you getting back to some feeling of normalcy and enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends. Whether it was spring beaver trapping, fishing, turkey hunting, or picking some morels.

As I begin this final report as your president, I find myself reflecting on not only the past 4 years serving as your president of this great organization, but the past 26 years I have served in some capacity in the MTA. I am struck by recognizing the many people and events that I have come to know and be involved with over that time. I must say it is amazing to realize all this organization and its’ volunteers have done and stood for to protect and promote traps, trappers, and trapping in the state of MN and beyond. I am humbled to know I was able to play a small part in helping with that progress and evolution in my time volunteering with the MTA. While I will always be there to participate and continue to help, I have found it is time to step back and focus on family and other things in life. With that stated, I will delve into current happenings in the MTA.

I want to start by informing everyone with the MN legislative session winding down it looks like currently, nothing detrimental is going to impact our trapping activities in MN. While the session at the time of this writing has not recessed for the summer and last-minute things could potentially pop up, it looks like we should come out in good shape. I want to thank all the members for contacting their legislators this session encouraging them to not support several anti-trapping related bills that came forth. Your efforts paid off by educating our state legislation on the importance of maintaining meaningful trapping in MN. I also want to thank our Legal Counsel, MOHA Liaison, and MTA Lobbyist for all their efforts keeping the leadership and membership informed of what was happening on a legislative level. These efforts are what is needed to continue to protect trapping in our state.
The MTA BOD held its Spring meeting on April 10th. A variety of business was conducted, and I encourage you to read the minutes in this issue to see what the topics were. At this point in time, the MTA is doing well thanks to the guidance to the board and its treasurer. They should be commended for the good decisions they have made to make sure the MTA is financially secure and still meeting its mission.

Another topic I would like to address is the upcoming elections for President and Vice President. At this point in time no one has come forth to be nominated for either position. I will say, there have been a few that have considered it but due to other commitments did not feel they could do justice to the positions. With this stated, I do have to say it saddens me a bit to see that others are not willing to step forward to take these positions. I understand the commitment it takes to do these jobs, but a volunteer organization only succeeds if it has volunteers who are willing to step up. Please look to Legal Counsel Gary Leistico’s Legal Corner column in this newsletter as he outlines how the organization will run without a sitting President and Vice President. I know there have been members concerned the organization will cease to operate if we have not President or Vice President in place. However, this is not the case, and the organization will continue to function and move forward. If you have further concerns do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to discuss it with you.

The Legal Defense Fund banquet was a held Saturday April 10th. It was a huge success with close to 120 attending. The meal and evening were a great one and all there had a great time. $21,530 was raised to help support and protect traps, trappers and trapping in MN. I want to thank Dale Jindra and his committee for the outstanding work they did in putting a successful event together while working to keep everyone safe with COVID-19 protocols. I also want to thank all those who attended and all who supported through donations to support the banquet. If you have never attended one, I highly encourage you to do so next year to be included in the great time had by all those who do.

The MTA summer convention is shaping up nicely. District 1 and director John Backman has been working hard to get things ready and put on good show for all. The demo list has been completed and I have heard there are some great demos that are going to be taking place. Thanks to Brian Fischer for his continued work on this. Please plan to attend the summer convention. If you have questions, please contact District 1 director or our Vice President. Either of these two will be able to answer any questions you may have. More information can be found in the newsletter, so please look there or on the MTA website or Facebook page.

In other news, the MTA education raffle is going well. If you have not gotten your tickets returned, please do so. The funds we raise all go towards supporting education including our Trapper Education program. Chair Tom Boser has been sending out extra tickets to those who are requesting them. Please, if you request tickets be patient as it may take Tom a few days to get them off to you. He like many who work for you, have other commitments like a job and family that need to be fulfilled as well.

The fundraising committee has been working hard and have come forth with several worthy programs and projects aimed to help raise funds to support the MTA beyond money made at the convention and Legal Defense Fund banquet. I encourage you to read about this in the newsletter and do your part to help promote this to others in and out of the organization. By supporting these efforts to raise additional funds, you are ensuring the MTA will be able to do its part to provide benefits to its members and protect trapping.

In wrapping up this final report as your president, I want to take this opportunity to recognize every volunteer and worker who has stepped forward to help move this organization forward. The BOD, committees, paid positions, advisors, liaisons, and all others who have done so to help make the MTA what it is, I truly thank you for your dedication, time, and commitment to protecting and promoting trapping in our state and beyond. You are to be commended and I am proud to have worked with all of you. Be well, stay safe and get out and trap! If you ever want to discuss anything with me,

I am always available to do so. Lastly remember….
Together we stand,

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