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MTA President's Awards 2021

Awards presented by Todd Rogenkamp, President (2021)

MTA President’s Award
(Buzz Neprud)
The first president’s award goes to an individual from District 4, who has been a trapper all of his life. They enjoy spending time trapping almost all of MN furbearers but really like getting after the fox and coyotes with snares. They have been active in the MTA for many years serving as District 4 Co-Director and Director for many years. This individual helped with the Legal Defense Banquet for several years. In addition, he has assisted with vendors and vendor spacing for many years with state and national conventions in MN.  
This person is always willing to pitch in and help whenever they are called upon. This person’s can-do attitude has been a great help to the MTA and the people who work with him.
Their dedication to the MTA and continued volunteer efforts on behalf of all is to be commended.

I ask the membership to please help give a round of applause and recognize our first President’s Award recipient of 2021, Buzz Neprud.

MTA President’s Award
(Shawn Johnson)
The next President’s award goes to an individual who has been around for many years and has given countless hours of volunteer time to the MTA. This person has been a life-long trapper, trapping various animals, with mink and bobcat being some of their favorites. The passion this person has shown for traps, trappers, and trapping over the years cannot be overstated. Their desire to educate trappers and entertain them with stories of their trapping adventures has graced the pages of countless trapper publications throughout the years. This person has served in many different capacities from District Director to President and currently as the MTA Education Coordinator and Editor.
His passion for trapping and teaching people about it in on all levels is to be applauded. The continued work he does for the MTA to make the organization a stronger and better one is paramount to helping trappers continue to have meaningful trapping in MN.

It gives me great pleasure to ask the membership to recognize Shawn Johnson, MTA Education Coordinator and Editor, with applause as he is presented with an MTA President’s Award.  

MTA President’s Award
(Kaitlyn Jindra)
The final President’s award goes to a young individual who has been a trapper since a young age. They have trapped with their family pursuing a variety of different animals and enjoying the time outdoors. More recently associated with the MTA, this person has been actively involved in volunteering by attending conventions, winter meetings, and legal defense fund banquets. They have helped with wild game feeds at past conventions, set up/ tear down at the convention and winter meetings, and assisted with MTA auctions. They have always been willing to step up and volunteer with anything that needed to be done. In addition, they have served on the Legal Defense Fund committee, and this past year this young volunteer took on filling the role of handling all the ticket sales for the banquet.
This young person’s dedication to helping support traps, trappers, and trapping on a regular basis, not to speak of the time and hours they have given to support the MTA, is to be commended and recognized. It should be an example all young volunteers recognize and look to model as they volunteer and support the organization.

I ask you to help me recognize Kaitlyn Jindra with a round of applause as she is presented with this MTA President’s Award.

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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