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Post Convention Reports and Information
Comments from Brian Fischer on the MTA 2021 Convention...

Hello all,

Thank you goes out to Dewey and Todd as outgoing president and vice president. Your help and service to this organization have been appreciated. It is my hope that both of you stay connected and supported when opportunities arise.

Thank you to John, Paul, and the rest of District 1 for organizing our 2021 convention. Another big shout out to all other districts for doing their part with the convention duties and many job roles.

I know we can do better with the opportunities that we have and with our volunteers. There was frustration at this convention; some districts did not follow through with their two appointed obligations: Gate and Booth duties. The phones and walky-talkies were constantly going off trying to find help when districts did not show up. I like to remind us all when it comes to convention time; it's not just the hosting district's convention, it's our state's convention, and all eight districts should embrace this opportunity.

Not sure about the attendances, but we had crowds at all demos, including the kids. This is the first year that we averaged 15 plus kids per demo with our BTC Program. You would have noticed families and more kids running around than at previous conventions if you were around. I believe the youth program is gaining traction, and this past weekend was some of these results. We handed out approximately 19 Field Certification forms. Highest ever.

Other positive things noted: the calendar was a success in putting $1200 into the general fund, all but 6 out of 23 possible advertising spots were spoken for, $90,000 plus in ticket sales, all presenters came to do their demos, and all vendors filling their spots other than two food stands. All were astounding. People stepped up to help out, good publicity, and I can go on and on.

I am humbled by the response of many referencing to me stepping up to be our new MTA president. So many thanks and words of kindness with lots of encouragement. This was made all the easier when Bert has joined the team as VP.  I want to share with this board my top 5 strengths. The top being Futuristic, two being Positivity, and three being Responsibility, with Connectiveness being number seven. I ask all our leadership team to join Bert and me on the bus and trust where we will take this organization in the next few years. Bert and I are already talking, and we are sharing our top goals for this organization. Todd and I are in contact for the presidential transition. All of you on this email list have goals; please share them with Bert or me. I will be setting a course, and we will reach some goals. We are ready!

Thank you for this opportunity, and we will be in touch.

Brian Fischer
Land & Water Demos Report
Tents were expensive but worth its cost...
Tents or demo coverings should be a mainstay. Every year we go through the struggle with the cost of tents. This year we paid close to $2400, for the three tents, setup and takedown. Working on the budget we tend to get second thoughts and juggle the fact do we need them. Its about 6 years of having tents and I will say the uncertainty of bad weather has been beaten. I believe since the board started approving the tents demo attendance has gone up. A thing to remember, tents are not always needed at every fairground because of indoor areas and such. It is my hope that we continue the demo covering for the sake of presenters and spectators.

Water and land demos went on without any major setbacks. I fielded zero complaints but received many compliments. The demo slate was strong and there were many new faces which comes new methods and ideas. Forty demos schedule with eleven new faces on the big stage. I did have to deal with one no show because of health issues but one of my trusted backups came through.

Both land and water demos started at 1:00pm Thursday afternoon, one hour after the gates to the fairgrounds opened. We had four water and four land demos Thursday on the hour, nine water and nine land demos scheduled on Friday starting at 8:00am, with the last presenter at 4:00pm. Seven water and land demos on Saturday, starting at 8:00am and ending up 2:00pm. Many varieties of topics were offered in a wide range of categories such as box traps, nuisance control, fur handling and variety of snaring and foothold applications.
The demo police were around to keep things on track and to remind those that would slip the microphone off. I did have my way of encouraging the importance of crowd wanting to hear everything. It truly improved the quality of the demos. Want to thank all my presenters for cooperating.

Field Day Trapper Certification classes were offered every hour of the convention from 1:00pm Thursday-through 2:00pm Saturday. During the convention participants needing certification could attend demos presentations. I don’t have an exact count but if I was guessing, I would say approximately nineteen individuals took advantage of this opportunity. This is more than previous years. Thanks to the presenters for their cooperation in teaching these participants.

It was good to see the new faces on both sides of the spectrum. If anyone wants to talk about an opportunity to present or have a person that I should contact, give me a call and I will do the follow up. If anyone is looking for a specific topic or presentation shoot me an email or again give me a call and I will see through my library of names what I can put together. I have stepped up to the president’s role with the MTA. If you’re wanting to be a part of the demo process, give me a call, I can use the help.

MTA Demo Coordinator
Brian Fischer

Beginner Trappers Connection numbers increased in 2021!
-- What's the program all about, educating our newcomers?
     It's an educational program specifically designed for kids, youth, or any age beginner trapper. The objective is to introduce the sport to newcomers of all ages and help build up the MTA foundation by increasing organization membership and engaging youth with vendors. Participants enjoyed basic trapping lessons and methods reference to our great sport and heritage. In 2014 when this program kicked off, our attendance average was 9-10 per session. Our 7th season, in Barnum, brought an average of 15 kids per demo. The increase was seen throughout the fairgrounds with not only kids, but I saw families being involved.
-- Explanation of demo program reward process, thank our sponsors!
After every BTC demo, kids through young adults that attend had received a certificate from the presenter. This certificate had specific information such as demo time, description, sponsor, and reward documented. After receiving their certification, they were required to search out and find various vendors to redeem their rewards. Rewards given were fluorescent marking tape, tail zipper, grooming comb, hardware, stretchers, block of trapper's wax, lures, traps, and more traps. Rewards are established ahead of time and orientated to the demo presented. Kids that attend these demos walk home with at least twenty different items. Thank you all for the additional contribution to make this happen.
-- Results of 2021 demos scheduled focus on education!
Thursday started with our first BTC demo, Animal Identification, with fifteen kids showing up. The numbers were maintained throughout the entire weekend. I will let the quote below from a spectator tell the rest:
"Thanks for the fantastic weekend!!! Wow! I am still so shocked that we got to participate in something so inspiring!! As my son was interested in trapping, I brought my three kids, and I saw "children's games "on the events schedule. I have to tell you; the girls were so enthralled with the programs on trapping, they didn't participate in a single game or contest! We all had a blast and learned a TON! I am emailing all my friends and telling them what a great time we had, with pictures as "proof," lol. You have done a LOT of work, and it shines through! Thanks for the awesome experience and super useful items! We bought a few things we needed (like trap dye and trap setters) and hope to return next year with my children's catches!!"
Thank you, presenters and sponsors; support was excellent!
Pass it on, Brian

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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