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Message to all trappers:

The DNR recently informed the MTA on June 18, 2020, they intend to institute a temporary rule on requiring breakaways on snares as of October 1, 2020. This temporary rule is to provide regulation for the trapping season of 2020-21 until a permanent rule is written and approved that would go in effect for the trapping season of 2021-22.

MTA legal counsel and I  provided feedback on this rule citing several concerns, one being the trappers would not be given a year’s notice to get their snares into compliance by putting breakaway devices on that met the regulation along with inconsistencies in the language as written. MTA legal counsel and myself then met via teleconference with MTA officials on July 15th to discuss further our concerns regarding not giving trappers a one year window to be in compliance before implementation of the rule and how the rule was written. The DNR did state they would be using language provided by MTA legal counsel to put into the permanent rule they were writing to strengthen it, but would not be changing the temporary rule. They did agree to consider sending a letter out to all licensed trappers in the state. The DNR will post it on their website as well. While the DNR had insured us throughout the process over the last two years they would allow a one year sunset for all trappers to be in compliance with the new rule regarding breakaways on snares this did not come to pass.

As a result, all trappers should start now by working to get all snares they use for purposes of snaring in compliance by having the legal required breakaways on their snares prior to using them in the upcoming trapping seasons in MN.

This temporary rule as outlined below will also be published in the DNR Game and Fish synopsis. I encourage all of trappers to read this rule in the synopsis to understand what is needed to be in compliance.

The basic definition of the rule is all snares set in MN starting October 1, 2020 need to have a breakaway device installed on them to break at #350 pounds or less as measured by a static load test. Only snares set under ice or a snare that would be set by a licensed wolf trapper is exempt from having a breakaway device at this time.

All trappers are encouraged to purchase their breakaway devices from a trapping supply dealer that states what their breakaways fail at.
In addition, training is being done by CO Scott Staples and Regional CO Supervisor Shelly Patten to educate all CO’s on what to look for when observing snares set in the field to verify they meet the rule and are legal. CO’s will also be asked to take an  educational approach to interacting with trappers if they are found not to be in compliance with the rule and the trapper be given time and opportunity to bring said snares into compliance.

Here is the temporary rule as written:
Subp. 12. Snare breakaway devices. A snare capable of taking a wild animal must include a breakaway device that causes the snare loop to disassemble at 350 pounds pull or less as measured by a static load test, except for:
 A.  a wolf snare as defined in part 6234.0900, subpart 6;
 B.  a snare set by licensed wolf trappers in possession of a valid wolf tag during a legal wolf-trapping season; and
 C.  a snare set under ice.

Again, this was not how the MTA had hoped this would be implemented in the state, but we encourage all trappers to be in compliance with this rule when setting snares in MN this coming trapping season.

I ask all of you to please get this word out to members in your respective districts about this. Please emphasis to trappers to get breakaways from trapping supply houses that sell them to insure they are using the correct ones. They can be breakaways that break at less than 350lbs. and still be legal.

Please feel free to contact legal counsel or myself if you have more questions.
Thank you.
Todd Roggenkamp
MTA President
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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