Need Urgent Emails to Legislators!


Need urgent emails to legislators!

The anti’s have ramped up their efforts to get HF945 into an omnibus bill and we’re hearing some legislators have renewed interest in getting it done. They know their window of opportunity is now, if the Republicans win the House in the November election they are far less likely to get anything anti-trapping passed next session.
If you haven’t been doing your part by emailing legislators please do it now! Please don’t think others can do the job for you. Don’t wait, things are moving fast!
HF945 is the bill that would require permission to set or stake traps on private property. It would include water sets if the bottom is privately owned, even if you entered the water from a public access. So if you are a muskrat trapper, this is very concerning for you. I’ve seen ponds and lakes that have multiple land owners that own land out into the water, and many of those property lines aren’t square. You’d need permission to stake a trap into the bottom even if you set on floating vegetation. Duck hunters don’t need permission to set decoys, and fishermen don’t need permission to bounce lures on the bottom, so the bill is discriminating against trappers. You’d also need permission to trap the large paper company lands like Blandin and Potlatch.

Email your own House of Representative member and your state Senator. Do it even if you’ve done it before. Also email the members of the House Environmental committee and the Senate Environmental, Climate, and Legacy committee. You don’t have to elaborate on why the bill is bad if you don’t want to, but tell them to oppose HF945.

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