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Carol Thaemert
43794 Conifer St
Aitkin, MN 56431

Summer 2020 - Webmaster Report
Hello Trappers,
I hope everyone is in good health and enjoying the beautiful weather. I have a couple of comments or requests when you are shopping at the MTA online store.

If you visit the MTA store pages right now, you will see a new design that is easier to use. However, with the new format, there is still one issue that needs to be corrected. There's a glitch right now that can be avoided if the buyer makes sure that the payment process completes through PayPal. You would get a receipt emailed to you from PayPal if the purchase completed properly.  If the order is incomplete or canceled while on the PayPal website, it will generate an unpaid order which may be missed and processed by the Souvenir or Membership chair, not knowing the payment status.

If you have any questions or concerns while shopping in the online store, be sure to email or call me so I can assist you and make a note of the problem. I am currently working on another store format that should correct this issue and others.

To clarify the current problem, here is a recent example of the issue;  I had a buyer report that she stopped or canceled her purchase while she was on the PayPal website. She canceled because she did not have a PayPal account. I explained to her that she does not have to have an account with PayPal; she can finish paying as a "guest." PayPal acts as a "central processing point" where a buyer can choose and use a preferred method for payment, whether it be a debit or credit card, or even a checking account. Below the PayPal login, there is an option to "Pay with a Debit or Credit card." If you click on that option, you go directly to a screen to complete your payment without having a PayPal account.
I am currently building another storefront that will finally solve the issues with PayPal. If you have any questions, please email me or contact me using the info below.  
Thank you, and Stay Safe.
Carol Thaemert-Fox
952-393-4045 (m)

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