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Carol Thaemert
43794 Conifer St
Aitkin, MN 56431

Winter 2020-2021 - Webmaster Report


I hope everyone is having a successful trapping season this year.  I have a couple of items to share or update:

MTA Online Store Update: The online MTA Store will be undergoing a couple changes over the next month or so. PayPal has changed their "platform" for processing payments for MTA online payment transactions.  You may not notice much of a change once it is complete. For now, I put some instructions on the Store Entry Page. We have had some issues with payments not processing correctly and orders are being voided as a result. You can prevent any errors by following the instructions at the "door to the MTA Store."
Instructor's and Officer's Forwarding Emails: Shawn Johnson and I have started a forwarding email project to protect trapper-ed instructors' private emails. This also makes it easier for students to contact an instructor. I have already set up several "forwarding emails." Shawn Johnson is distributing information out to all the certified instructors about this plan. Pick an email address and send it to me. I will add it to the active instructors database. I can add phone numbers if anyone would like to list that as well.
The reason for setting up "forwarding emails" is to protect your private emails against malware or scams. It will also make it much easier for young trappers to make contact with a Certified Instructor to set up a field day or other training.  Here's an example:
-- Example: redfox@mntrappers.org  (My "forwarding email", will re-direct email to my private email account at mntrapweb@gmail.com).
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year... and please Stay Safe.

Carol Thaemert

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