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Report of MTA Convention Events
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Minnesota Trappers Association
2019 Redwood Falls Convention
Wrap-Up Reports
Convention Reports:
Land and Water Demo Report:
Our 2019 convention demo list was another success. Forty demos went on as planned with eighteen presented beneath a 20 x 30 tent for water and eighteen presented under a metal pole shed. Four demos had been added this year because of the general membership meeting moving to the afternoon. Great crowds. Undesired weather was not a factor this year. It was sure nice to provide the shade for both presenters and spectators. Redwood Falls set up was very accommodating. Two good size bleachers for all 3 demo areas and space enough apart to avoid any distraction.

I want to give a big shout out to the demo area coordinator, Shannon Cohrs and his gang. Awesome job of taking charge and having great show areas. Thank you to Redwood Falls Nursery for the generous agreement of plans and grass for the space. When people are that helpful the job goes so much smoother. Thank you all for the hard work.

A variety of presenters and topics. It is always good to have veterans on stage. They are teachers and as many times as a person gets to see them you still walk away with something. Thank you all. This year’s slate brought 6 new first-time presenters. Many states were represented. The farthest this year was Texas. Like the pass we did have at all time field certification available. I would guess approximately a dozen participants. Also, new was we had incorporated our Beginner Trapper Connection kids into three of the adult demos. Our BTC committee will pursue more of these avenues to get interaction among all.

I have been asked to be in charge of next year’s demo coordinating at Barnum in 2020. My number if your interested is 507-276-6322.
Beginner Trappers Connection-hands on approach:
Completion of our fifth season of the BTC program is in the history book. This year theme was to try and imitate three days of preparation and three days on the trapline. We did this by more hands-on sessions, visiting adult demos and visiting vendors to shop for trap supplies.

The setting and attention given to the BTC is growing every year. Its detail in demo area and surround preparation has grown to be equal to land and water demo spaces. Thank you membership and MTA board for allowing this to happen. Our future of trappers will grow because of these decisions that are being made now. Thank you to all that are donating to the BTC, your monies are well spent. This year, we did have a tent set up again with the difference being it was the same size as the adults with two full size bleachers beneath. It was the perfect space for kids to sit with adults. We even had our own sound system, that’s cool!

A total of 14 presentations went as scheduled. This year I had a team of presenters with lots of different thoughts. Depending upon the day and time, demos were well attended. We do know throughout the convention 103 certificates were handed out after the demo’s completion. We also know that well over 95% of these certificates had been redeemed at vendor’s booth. Thanks to all the sponsors for the continued support of this program. Kids this year walked home with lures, baits, skinning tools and even a coyote demo. I said a thank you to the vendors but I also want to thank the presenters, which included four kids, for the good help and commitment given to teach these young future trappers.

Looking forward to our 6th season coming in 2020 at the Barnum Fairgrounds. Make a difference and give me a call if your wanting to be part of the program, your help would be appreciated.
Pass it On  Brian.
Redwood Falls Convention Wrap-up Report:
The old saying goes that “a lot of hands make light work”. Our Redwood Falls convention in August was a nice event. I had a lot of people asking to help and those of you that saw me know I have a knack to delegate. I want to thank everyone that lent a hand to make 2019 a success.

The weather was great and all rains stayed away. As always, the demos are an attraction and were well attended. Between the three locations a total of fifty-four demos were presented. Over the years we have developed a good library of names and now we can offer a variety. The overhead covering is must moving forward.

We used a total of eight buildings for indoor vendors. Buzz was down to two or three spaces remaining. A few of us had roles during the convention but I must personally recognize a few people that were mainstays. Dewey and Chris doing the tailgating. Bert and Frank doing the campers and Buzz handling all the indoor vendors. These committees made things run smooth and their knowledge and expertise is priceless.

Two side notes for this convention. Attendance was tracked all week. That’s right we tracked it Monday through Wednesday using white tickets and had a different color for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We had realized that by the time the convention gate opened at 12:00pm Thursday there had been at least 500 people through or on the grounds already. The daily breakdown was Friday our biggest crowd (almost doubling other days) Saturday having 100 more attend than Thursday. We had over 2000 attendees which included vendors and tailgaters. The other thing we did this year during the convention is that Dewey surveyed vendors, members and tailgaters about two- or three-day options for future conventions. All this data will be taken to the board for review.

If there are a few disappointments it would be the evening activities. Friday evenings auction was low in attendance and there were not many people taking in the evening’s entertainment. A lot of work goes into having these events but not sure if the investment is worth the outcome. I will be sharing a few more details at our board meeting in October.

There were many highlights and I would encourage all to read addition summary reports written in this newsletter. Land and water, Beginner Trapper Connection.

Have to thank Redwood Falls community and fair board. They were jolly on the spot when we had issues. They showed up every evening for checkup. They gave us free reins of the ground all week. It was a great relationship. A busy week for many. Want to thank the MTA for allowing District 7 the task of coordination our 2019 Convention.

2019 Convention Coordinator
District 7 Director Brian Fischer, and
Co-director Tyler Thompson

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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