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Minnesota Trappers Association
MTA Newsletter Magazine
Shawn Johnson - Editor
6122 McQuade Road
Duluth, MN  55804
(218) 525-4970
Keith Larson - Publisher
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From the Editor's Desk:
We’re looking forward to getting this issue into the hands of the membership and receiving your feedback. Our formatting guru Keith Hanson and I are learning as we go in assembling this magazine as a team. This issue is only our third, but much has been learned along the way. I think we’ve produced the best one yet. Although you will see article bylines with my name attached here and there, I have no intention of selfishly hijacking the majority of the content from you the membership as this is YOUR magazine and YOUR Association as it should be.

Thanks to many members who contributed content for this issue, we’re thankful for your generosity and commitment to the cause. As a matter of fact, there remains much unused material that will be published in future issues as a result. Please continue to share your photographs with captions and your contributions of newspaper articles that we could potentially reprint with permission. Anything about trappers or trapping occurring in our modern day or years past is of interest. When in doubt, send it anyway.

Although official business dictates the majority of the required content, my goal as editor is to encourage and assist the membership in personalizing this magazine as well with original articles and related content generated from you. Many are no doubt put off at the mere thought of writing an article. “I’m no writer” I’ve been told again and again when I’ve suggested someone put in writing the story they just told me. We’re not looking to force anyone to become a writer but rather to encourage the storyteller within all of us to step forward. If you’ve got a story you’d like to tell, I can assist in guiding you in the process-painlessly. As a team I’m confident we can present true stories that the membership will enjoy reading. I’m always open to suggestions from the membership on the subjects they’d like to read about as well. I’ll do my best to find trappers with expertise in that area to put together an article on the subject.

“I’d like to read an article on snaring bobcats with Dollar Store mint dental floss.”
I’m still working on that one...

Subject matter can vary from How To pieces, alternative markets for furs and animal products, game cooking, making beaver/muskrat/raccoon? jerky, unique and interesting experiences in the outdoors with wild animals, childhood recollections, earning Christmas money through trapping, your firsts, etc.

Tell us your stories and send photos. Electronic photos are the easiest to work with, but hard copies can as well. With photo editing software available today marginal and faded photos can once again be brought to life and made suitable for publishing. If you choose to send physical photographs, please send copies rather than originals as potentially losing precious snapshots of sentimental value simply isn’t worth the risk of loss. Please give the photos some context. Who is pictured? What age?  Some of the circumstances… etc.  You’ll no doubt notice several member submitted photos with captions that are fine examples of what I’m asking for.

A picture might be worth a thousand words but a picture with captions can speak thousands more…

Keep your skinning knives sharp,
Shawn Johnson

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