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MTA Donation Story
Dan Nalezny Story – Donation from Crow River Sportsmen’s Club
Crow River Sportsman club donation on behalf of Dan Nalezny
Over the years, I’ve truly been amazed by the people I meet that are Trappers and involved with the Minnesota Trappers Association (MTA). People who are incredibly generous with their time and talents, patience and skills, finances, blood, sweat and tears. Trappers are great folks!

I’d like to introduce you to one of those people. Dan Nalezny is a District 6 Trapper who lives in Columbia Heights. When I started attending MTA events and District meetings, Dan was one of the first I met. Only eighty years young now, always with a friendly face, Dan has the energy of people half his age. Approachable and enthusiastic, he’s always willing to help. Dan is one of the people you can count on to show up. I know that many of you already know him.

A trapper of 70 years, Dan got his start on woodchucks and gophers. From a family with fishing and hunting roots, he was exposed to the outdoors at an early age and taught to hunt by his father. Yet no one he knew trapped. Dan loved reading Fur-Fish-Game magazines, books by Stanley Hawbaker, and gained interest and knowledge on trapping from both sources. A year or so later, he was hitchhiking home from creeks in Anoka County, with his first mink and muskrats. Long since a veteran trapper, Dan’s favorites to pursue are fisher, marten and bobcat. Being a self-taught trapper, his knowledge of trapping, fur handling, and wildlife, are respected by all who know him.

Dan attended Delasalle High School in Minneapolis, and Dunwoody Institute. He served his Country in the U.S. Navy for six years. Retired now, he was a long-time employee at the Wastewater Treatment plant at Pigs Eye Lake, St Paul, holding many different duties over the years. Husband, with two adult children, he’s now happily teaching his outdoor skills to grandchildren and many others.

A Lifetime member of the MTA since 1985, and a Certified Trapper’s Education Instructor, Dan has participated in many trapper’s ed classes, as well as doing demo’s at summer conventions and winter meetings!

Besides trapping, Dan is also a member of the Crow River Sportsmen’s Club, St Michael, MN, and has been for the past 45 years. He’s very well respected there, too! Known as “Trapper” to the many members, Dan’s skills have been put to use on “critter” problems at the property, removing woodchucks, beaver, and gophers. An active member, he’s always contributing his time at banquets, various shoots, etc.

Recently, as a way to Honor Dan, the Crow River Sportsmen’s Club decided to surprise Dan with a very large donation in his honor, to the MTA, for Youth Education and activities, as they know how much the MTA and trapping has meant to Dan! On July 22nd, I met Dan at his home and received the substantial check from Crow River Sportsmen’s Club, on behalf of the MTA. I was honored to do so!

If you get the chance, congratulate Dan on the donation, and thank him for all the years of service to the shooting sports, and the MTA!


©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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