Minnesota Trappers Association
Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance (MOHA) Director

Randy Goldenman

Winter 2022 Report

Hello Trappers,
There was no October MOHA meeting this fall. It’s going to be a fascinating election cycle. I’m amazed how many people I had never heard of are running for office this year. The potential turnover in the legislature this year could be incredible. Whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen. If the election turns out as predicted, new chairpersons will likely be in both the Senate and the House environmental committees. I’m optimistic that will be a good thing for what MTA wants to accomplish. It should also mean we should be in good shape to defeat any anti-trapping bills that may, and likely will, come up. The Chairmen can control what bills pass through their committees for a vote by the whole legislative body. Pro-trapping Chairmen are priceless for our side. If the rumors are true, the likely new chairpersons of the environmental committees will be friendly to our position.  All trappers must know the candidate’s views on issues important to us and vote accordingly. Like it or not, it is in the legislator’s power to decide how and if we can continue to trap. Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for both an MN Senator and an MN House of Representatives member. Please send all the candidates an email asking about their stance on trapping. There will likely be a Trappers Day at the Capitol in March. Anticipate a final announcement in January before the next legislative session.
Everybody be safe out there,
Randy Goldenman
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