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Randy Goldenman

Spring 2020 Report

Hi Trappers,
2020 Trappers Day at the Capital has been canceled due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the State's stand/action on gatherings.
By the time you read this report, the annual Trappers Day at the Capital will be history. I hope you were able to make it. Our future depends on our legislators. They will be the ones that decide how we can legally trap, or someday if we are able to trap at all. I cant stress enough getting to know your legislators and educating them on trapping. Even if you don't get the chance to educate them, let them know how important it is to you.  Another thing I cant stress enough is being careful where you set your traps, especially conibears and snares. If we keep accidental dog fatalities to near zero, it gives the anti's no ammunition at the Capital to use against us in anti-trapping bills. The Legislators hear about every dog fatality. Its not fair, especially considering the amount of traps and snares in the woods in any given year. Its also especially not fair when the vast majority of dog catches are dogs that are caught on private land and are free roaming or "trespassing". I've only heard of two fatalities this year. That's not bad when you consider how many traps and snares are set every year. But even one is too many for some legislators.

 Please watch the website or Facebook page for alerts on possible anti-trapping bills. If some do get introduced, and no doubt they will, PLEASE contact your legislators with a phone call and email. Its simple but effective. It helps to know the bill number when you tell the legislator to vote for or against a bill. Tell them you are a constituent of theirs, they work for you! If a bill pops up, call your friends in your district, whether they're trappers or not, and have them contact them too. Maybe even farmers or landowners you do control work for. I've been told that when a legislator gets an email or two on a bill they don't notice much, but if they get ten or more emails on a bill it really gets their attention. So please take the few minutes to email them and let them know your concerns. Our future depends on it!

Randy Goldenman
MOHA director
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