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2019 Convention Land and Water Demos
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MTA Convention 2019
Land and Water Demos
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Minnesota Trappers Convention 2019-Redwood Falls
August 1-3, 2019
**indicates qualified demos for Minn Trapper Ed Certification for land/water classes
**Fur-indicates qualified demos for MTA fur handling classes.
Students are required to have 6 hours of field training using no demo twice.
Land Demos:
Thursday, August 1
1:00pm-Leesal Reuwsaat- predator #1
2:00pm-Tom Schmoll-wax dirt**
3:00pm-Jim Lukenbill-bobcat box trapping**
4:00pm-Seth Shriver-coyote footholds**
Friday, August 2
8:00am- Smokey Henderson-coyote footholds
9:00am- Pat Cahill-bobcat footholds**
10:00am- Shannon Cohrs-dispatching skunks**
11:00am- Kendall Obermier-land trapping
1200pm- Ed Schneider-cold weather trapping
1:00pm- Lee Reuwsaat-predator #2
2:00pm- Dave Bewick-NAFA fur grading**Fur
3:00pm- Adrian Romero – catching it twice
4:00pm- Brian Fischer-winter canine trapping**
Saturday August 3
8:00am-Shannon Cohrs-coyotes**
9:00am-John Almquist-coyote foothold
10:00am-Gary Leistico-Bobcats**
11:00pm-Cade Thibodeaux-pine marten w/boxes**
12:00pm- Leon Windschitl-putting up coyote**Fur
1:00pm-general membership meeting
2:30pm- Jim Lawrence-moles, voles &
    pocket gopher
3:30pm-Charlie Schaefer-fox trapping**

Water Demos:
Thursday, August 1
1:00pm-Dan Nalezny- muskrat**
2:00pm-Rick Hemseth-raccoons
3:00pm-Red Ohearn-mink
4:00pm-Leon Windschitl-putting raccoon up for profit**Fur
Friday, August 2
8:00am Frank Moser – Raccoon foothold**
9:00am-Mark Steck – water trapping
10:00am-Greg Schroeder –Fur Harvester fur grading**Fur
11:00am- Dale Jindra-winter beaver snaring**
12:00pm- Andy Shoemaker - Otters.**
1:00pm- John Altmann-mink trapping**
2:00pm-Brad Wobbrock-water trapping**
3:00pm-Mike Kelly-otters**
4:00pm-Wayne Thompson-Beaver**
Saturday, August 3
8:00am-Joel Lyons-muskrat & beaver
9:00am Jeff Folkens-muskrats**
10:00-am Red Ohearn-Raccoons
11:00am- Alan Golden-beaver control**
12:00pm- Craig Hillburn - Advance water trapline systems.**
1:00pm-general membership meeting
2:30pm- Cade Thibodeaux-otter foothold and body grips**
3:30pm Dale Jindra-skinning a beaver** Fur
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©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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