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Land and Water Demos
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Minnesota Trappers Convention
July 29-31, 2021
Barnum, MN
2021 Land & Water Demos
Minnesota Trappers Convention 2021 Barnum, July 29-31st   
 **Indicates qualified demos for Minnesota Trapper Education Certification for land/water classes
 **Fur-indicates qualified demos for MTA fur handling classes.
 Beginner Trappers Connection demos do not qualify for certification training
 Student is required to have 6 hours of field training using no demos twice, 2 hours of fur education.
Thursday July 29
1:00pm--Leesal Reuwsaat- predator #1
2:00pm--Shannon Cohrs-coyote snaring**
3:00pm-Ed Schneider-bobcats
4:00pm-Leon Windschitl-putting coyotes up for profit**Fur
Thursday July 29
1:00pm-Dan Nalezny- muskrat**
2:00pm-Rick Hemseth-raccoons
3:00pm-Dan Croke-beaver body grippers**
4:00pm-Dale Jindra-winter beaver snaring**
Friday July 30:
8:00am-Scott Staples- K-9 in law enforcement**
9:00am-Smokey Henderson-canine stepdown set
10:00am-Dale Torma-fisher/marten pole set**
11:00am- Pat Cahill - bobcats’ foothold** (bobcats)
1200pm- Sarah Gomez & Jeff Dunlap-winter coyotes
1:00pm-Lee Reuwsaat-predator #2
2:00pm-Ralph Henneken-bobcat boxes**
3:00pm- Gary Leistico-marten/fisher**
4:00pm-Brian Fischer-coyote 101**
Friday July 30
8:00am-Beau Vivant - spring beaver**
9:00am-Leon Windschitl-putting raccoon up for profit**Fur
10:00am- Keith Schallenkamp-body edge set**
11:00am-Mark Steck-water trapping
12:00pm-Mike Swanson-mink and muskrat**
1:00pm- Keith Loomis-Beavers using 330 floats**
2:00pm- Jim Rodnerud-clean skin a beaver**Fur
3:00pm- Wayne Thompson-raccoons**
4:00pm- Craig Hilburm-water method systems**
Saturday July 31
8:00am-Andy Shoemaker-fisher**
9:00am-Shannon Cohrs-dryland coon**  
10:00am-Ed Schneider-coyotes
11:00pm-Kendall Obermier-coyotes in numbers
12:00pm-Gary Leistico-bobcats **
1:00pm-Bruce Lotti - fisher/marten**
2:00pm- Steve Gappa-coyote theory/on the spot**
3:00pm - general membership meeting

Saturday July 31
8:00am- Kevin Angulski-bodygripper setting/mink skinning**Fur
9:00am-Jeff Dunlap-beaver/otter
10:00-am Randy Goldenman-footholds for beaver**
11:00am- John Altmann-mink, keeping sets simple & effective**
12:00pm-Jeff Haggerty-open water/under ice mink and muskrat
1:00pm- pending
2:00pm- Jim Rodnerud-clean skin a beaver**Fur
3:00 pm-general membership meeting

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