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Fundraising Committee & Trapper Warrior 99
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Minnesota Trappers Association
Incentive & Fundraising Committee (IFC)
Committee Updates:
Summer 2022 Report:
Brian Fischer
Incentive and Fundraising Committee Report
Increased revenue is making a difference. It was about one year ago we organized a fundraising committee. Some good ideas, some ideas still on the table, and some that were just worth discussing have all been brought forward. My point is simply we took the initiative to make things happen and indeed they are.

Our MTA 2022 calendar with the antique trap theme was a success generating a few thousand dollars which all went straight into our general fund. All expenses were paid through vendor advertising fees. We budgeted for the 2021 calendar approximately $4000 of potential and we were successful. The 2023 calendar is now in the works. The photos have all been taken and all the advertising blocks have been sold. We are now in the process of creating mock-up calendar pages along with adding additional dates to be included. We hope to have everything ready by our summer convention in Wadena so save a $20.00 bill for your copy.

Another active fundraiser is the “Trapper Warrior 99 Club”. You can find the registration form in the newsletter or give me a call at 507-276-6322. This is renewable every year. All proceeds will go to MTA general fund.

We will register the first 99 names that submit their fee, and additional names will go on a waiting list. Our 2022 budget has a projected income of $7000. but I suspect it may take a few years to become firmly established but make no mistake in time we will have a 99 club!

Increasing our General Fund revenue is an important and worthwhile goal. It’s good to see positive fundraising ideas shining. If anyone has any suggestions shoot them my way and I will bring them to the Committee for discussion.
Brian Fischer- Chair

Anyone else has or wants to share ideas, give any of the committee members or myself a call.
Pass it On Brian
Winter 2021 Report
It’s almost a year now since an Incentive and Fundraising Committee was first formed.  Today your committee consists of Andy Shoemaker, Steve Pahlen, Eric Maijala, Dan Collins, Jesse and Beau Vivant, and I as chair. You can talk to any one of these individuals if you have something to share.

Recruiting for membership has its good points. At our winter meeting we will be handing out cash prizes to the top three recruiters. At our convention board meeting we have a gentleman laying in the weeds for since the drive started has sold 16 new memberships. Thank you, Eric, for all your efforts. Our membership has grown within the last year. If you know a trapper that is not a member please encourage them to join us. We have power in numbers and a membership drive is a good for the MTA

Not much to report on beaver tail program. Dan is still working through buyer issues. This campaign has expanded into another thought. A buyer from New York is interested in buying beaver meat and is willing to come to MN to get it. Dan has shared with Andy and me a few more details and we will have more information at a later date.
- Fundraiser-calendar first viewing-a welcomed success.
MTA’s first calendar viewing was during our 2021 convention. It is a calendar for 2022. All proceeds from the calendar will go right into the general fund. Calendar is $20.00 which includes tax. There were 61 calendars presold in the MTA Booth at the convention. This calendar has an immediate impact to the budget. Thank you all for signing up earlier for it helps us in production. The calendar has twelve photos of antique traps with the help of Fred Precht. The mockup and layout has been steered by Tom Schmoll. At present, advertising spaces are being locked in to help with the cost but also to have our vendors advertise. Before the convention started, we had twenty-three advertising spots available at different rates. When the doors closed at 5:00pm Saturday we were down to only six spots left. We have so many vendors constantly supporting the organization and I want to say thank you. I have had many come to me about adding dates for events. I know that is our intent but not sure what will be added to the 2022 calendar. For sure the push will be on for the 2023 calendar to add more information. Once the production is done this calendar will be on our website store page, there will be some handed out at the board meeting for districts, and it will be on the table at our winter meeting. It’s a good thing for the association!
Questions or concerns let me know, 507-276-6322
Trapper Warrior 99 Club 2022

Purpose: All proceeds generated are directed to the General Fund in support of MTA.
Rules and Guidelines
*Limited to 99 members:
*The participation fee will be $100.00 annually  
*Club member number/spot is reserved annually with individual right to refuse continuance
*Yearly renewal must be received by the deadline: March 15th of the current year
*If a vacancy opens due to a cancellation or non-renewal, the first member on the waiting list will be eligible
*Being part of an exclusive club that passionately supports MTA beyond general membership level
*Every participant in the Club will be assigned a specific "badge number" on the membership list. This list will be made available only to 99 Club members upon request.
*TR 99 club members recognized annually in Newsletter magazine.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Print and return form or renewal before March 15th of (2023) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________Phone_____________
Payment: Date____________ Payment Method______________ Expiration Date: _________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________
Mail to: Brian Fischer, 55458 Cty Rd 21, Courtland, MN 56021    507-276-6322

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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