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Minnesota Trappers Association
Incentive & Fundraising Committee (IFC)
Committee Updates:
Fall 2021 Report:
It’s almost a year now since an Incentive and Fundraising Committee was first formed.  Today your committee consists of Andy Shoemaker, Steve Pahlen, Eric Maijala, Dan Collins, Jesse and Beau Vivant, and I as chair. You can talk to any one of these individuals if you have something to share.

Recruiting for membership has its good points. At our winter meeting we will be handing out cash prizes to the top three recruiters. At our convention board meeting we have a gentleman laying in the weeds for since the drive started has sold 16 new memberships. Thank you, Eric, for all your efforts. Our membership has grown within the last year. If you know a trapper that is not a member please encourage them to join us. We have power in numbers and a membership drive is a good for the MTA

Not much to report on beaver tail program. Dan is still working through buyer issues. This campaign has expanded into another thought. A buyer from New York is interested in buying beaver meat and is willing to come to MN to get it. Dan has shared with Andy and me a few more details and we will have more information at a later date.

- Fundraiser-calendar first viewing-a welcomed success.

MTA’s first calendar viewing was during our 2021 convention. It is a calendar for 2022. All proceeds from the calendar will go right into the general fund. Calendar is $20.00 which includes tax. There were 61 calendars presold in the MTA Booth at the convention. This calendar has an immediate impact to the budget. Thank you all for signing up earlier for it helps us in production. The calendar has twelve photos of antique traps with the help of Fred Precht. The mockup and layout has been steered by Tom Schmoll. At present, advertising spaces are being locked in to help with the cost but also to have our vendors advertise. Before the convention started, we had twenty-three advertising spots available at different rates. When the doors closed at 5:00pm Saturday we were down to only six spots left. We have so many vendors constantly supporting the organization and I want to say thank you. I have had many come to me about adding dates for events. I know that is our intent but not sure what will be added to the 2022 calendar. For sure the push will be on for the 2023 calendar to add more information. Once the production is done this calendar will be on our website store page, there will be some handed out at the board meeting for districts, and it will be on the table at our winter meeting. It’s a good thing for the association!
Questions or concerns let me know, 507-276-6322

Summer 2021 Update Report:
Almost a year ago, appointed by the board, the Incentive and Fundraising Committee (IFC) started looking into ways of generating dollars to support our general fund and work on growing association membership. Want to thank all for sending, sharing thoughts and concerns. Rest assured I’ve been taking notes for our committee meeting discussions.

The Top Recruiterincentive program has begun. Individuals signing up new members are asked to write their names on the membership signup cards so they can be accurately counted by our membership coordinators. At our January winter meeting in 2022 we will announce our top three recruiters. The board has approved three cash payouts. First place $100.00, second $75.00 and third place $50. Let’s all make an effort to sign up members and grow our MTA.

Another fundraising program “Antique Trappers Calendar” is moving full steam ahead. Presently our MTA board approved some dollars for startup. We have a committee presently working on layout and content. This 2022 calendar is expected to debut at the Barnum convention. We are making plans for the calendar as far out as three years. It will be our hope that each year we can add pertinent information to have this as a tool for our association. We will be contacting vendors to defray some of our startup cost. We will be selling them at a table next to the MTA booth in July. Potentially getting them into the hands of vendors to sell, get them into each district and they will be available at our winter meeting. The price of the calendar is still tentative but do me a favor start by saving up to spend at least $20 or $25 per calendar this year. If I can have 500 or more of my fellow trapper’s support this, the association will benefit greatly.

It’s great that MTA has the Newsletter magazine. It is a tool for us all to connect, and it opens doors to many that want to help but need a little direction. I have been talking to a gentleman up north that read our last IFC article. I want to give a big shout to Ed from Backus, MN. We have been talking about a body gripping setter. He’s made a prototype and it’s in my shop now for review. Here is a man that is obvious talented and found a way to share. If he had his way, I think he would love it to be mass-produced and would want it in every beaver trappers’ hand. It’s safe, easy and kid friendly. We will see where it goes from here, but it’s this type of service people can contribute that makes a difference.

Questions or concerns on any of these fundraising ideas please contact me, your chairperson, Brian Fischer 507-276-6322. I will get the information into the correct hands.

Report from April 8, 2021:
"Top Recruiter for 2021" Announcement was put into our last newsletter to make our members aware of this incentive. The plan is to announce and hand out cash awards at our winter meeting recognizing the MTA member who recruited the most new members during the year, cut off is the last day of the year, Dec.31st. First place $100, second place $75.00 and third place $50.00. The top recruiters would be listed in the newsletter, announced at our winter meeting and also acknowledge on our website and Face Book pages. To keep track of our recruiting we have asked that members write their name on the membership sign up sheet so our Membership Coordinators can keep track. If you have questions, you can contact Dave Curtis or Brian Fischer.

"Putting Your Tails to Work for the MTA" It still is in the set-up stage. We have had a person call and has collection approx. 50 tails. The market for tails appears to be down right now. Dan is asking around and digging deeper for outlets. Contact is Dan Collins
“Calendar” A calendar for 2022 season is moving forward. At present prices, quantities and content is being gathered. See below chart on info.
MTA Calendar 2021:
The above chart assumes calendars to be $20 each.
We are working on "antique trap collection pictures (recommended also by the calendar place-because it is different)
We could sell advertising to pay investment (would require additional fee per calendar) (maybe start that for the 2023 year)
Goal is to have it ready for our July 2021 convention.

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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