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Help A Beginner Program
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"Help A Beginner Program" & the
2022 Convention - Demos & BTC
        Trapper Education Program Graduates

The Help A Beginner Program, seeks to encourage the expansion of our sport, by donating a half dozen traps to all youth between the ages of 11 & 16.  Young trappers must go through a trapper certification program, and join the MTA.
Of note: by default youth must be 11 years of age to participate in a trapper education program, and the same age to qualify for traps.  
Instructors: Shipping is expensive, so whenever possible try and coordinate trap pickups at the summer or winter convention, or from district directors, to help save the association undue shipping costs.  A little planning goes a long ways toward saving resources.  
Mark Palas
Land, Water, and Beginner Trappers Connection - Demonstrations 2022
It should be no secret and I am happy to say that the 2022 summer convention will be held in Wadena MN. The fairgrounds come with newly constructed buildings for vendors and all of our demo programs will be under roof. No tents needed for 2022.

I have volunteered to set up the demo schedule for the 2022 convention. If you're interested in making a presentation feel free to call me 507-276-6322. The land and water demo format will stay the same. As always, we are looking for new, quality individuals that would be comfortable stepping up to share their skills and techniques and joining our team.

Beginner Trappers Connection will take a little bit of a different spin. We still will have time slots set aside and will still offer incentive prizes, so kids have to run around and search out objects, for the comments are too strong in favor of the interaction methods we have developed. This year we also have a Kids Committee started to continue our focus on making this a family event. If you reflect back on last year, you will remember me commenting that entire families that were attending BTC activities.

"Thanks for the absolutely fantastic weekend!!! Wow! I am still so shocked that we got to participate in something so incredibly exciting!! I brought my three kids as my son was interested in trapping, and I saw "children's games "on the events schedule. I have to tell you, the girls were so enthralled with the programs on trapping, they didn't participate in a single game or contest! We all had a blast and learned a TON! I am emailing all my friends and telling them what a great time we had, with pictures as "proof" lol. You have done a LOT of work and it absolutely shines through! Thanks for the awesome experience and super useful items! We bought a few things we needed (like trap dye and trap setters) and hope to return next year with photos of my children's catches!!"

I will use the website to keep people informed on the demo listings. Keep this in mind, the posted website schedule is tentative. The day of the convention will trump whatever is posted. Be thoughtful before posting anything on a website that may be misinterpreted. All eyes on us and many individuals have later regretted their shortsightedness when something intended to promote our sport was eventually used out- of -context to disparage it.

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©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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