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Annual Tanned Fur Project-February
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Tanned Fur Project - Event
Fur Handling Day
February 27, 2021
Hosted by Craig Hilburn at his place.
Craig wanted me to share with all of you that he is having a fur handling day on the last Saturday in February (February 27th) at his place like in past years.

He is in need of green and carcass fur. If any of the districts have items that were set to be done for the Tanned Fur Project and can get them to him he and his group will get them put up for it.

Due to COVID-19 Tim has not received a lot in this year so, Craig is hoping we all can help him out.

You can contact him via text or phone on his cell at 612-501-7814

He also wanted to let everyone know Matt Carlson out of Jacobson will be there to buy fur as well.

This has been put up on the MTA Facebook page, but would ask districts to get the word out to if they can.

If you have any questions, please let me know or contact Craig.

Todd Roggenkamp

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