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FTA Director's Report
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Minnesota Trappers Association
FTA Director's Report
Dan Collins
14706 County Road 12
Pengilly MN  55775

Visit the Furtakers of America website at: http://www.furtakersofamerica.com/
Fall 2021 Report:
Well, convention season is coming to an end. I am getting the itch to get out on the line. It sure was nice to be able to get out and meet with other trappers! Living in the north woods has been nice the last year and a half, but the dogs are not very good conversationalist. I would like to congratulate and thank Brian Fischer and Bert Highland for stepping up to fill the roles of President and Vice President of the MTA. I would also like to thank Todd Roggenkamp and Dewy Schmitz for the guidance they have provided the MTA.

We had a great turnout for the weasel box building at the Beginning Trapper Connection at the MTA convention. Twelve youth went home with new weasel boxes. I would like to thank Bert Highland and Jeremy Hemp for their help with this project. I would also like to thank the Fur Takers of America and Cumberland’s for their financial support.

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by the FTA booth at the convention, especially those who either joined the FTA or renewed their membership.

This year’s FTA Rendezvous was held in Indiana. It was fun to meet trappers from other parts of the county. The demonstrations were great. Hopefully we can get more Minnesota trappers to head to Lawrence Kansas next year for the rendezvous.

Please check out our web sites www.furtakersofamerica.com and www.furbearereducation.org. Follow the FTA on Facebook and Instagram.
Dan Collins

©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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