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District 8 Chair & Co-Chairs reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 8 Reports
Brad Wobbrock
596 St. Hwy. 99
Cleveland, MN 56021
(507) 340-1772

Bill Adler
(coming soon)

Director - Brad Wobbrock
Winter 2021 Report


Hope this finds all of you well!

I was not able to attend the Board of Directors Meeting in October - due to some of my own health issues.  Bill Adler did attend in my absence.

I did some summer beaver damage control and was beaten out by not only the bugs but by the heat. I had some success although I did not get them all.  My plan to trap them this winter with early ice to complete the job.

The only other trapping I will do this winter is coyotes after the deer season closes.

My young farmer neighbor told me that he saw 35 - 40 coon walk from our apple tree to the woods.  I told him it is time to trap them and make a blanket for his family and he agreed.

So he and I will go crazy with the DP's after deer season so he can fulfil the want for the blanket.  He is young to the trapping world and I will be showing him from start to finish on how to process the coon.

Looking forward to hopefully be able to have our 2021 Spring Meeting,  I would like to have it held again at the Stewartville Sportsman Club. Keep an eye on the MTA Website for further information and cards will be sent out once we know that we can hold a meeting and a solid date.

Just another reminder that this will be my last term as Director for District 8. At our 2021 fall meeting, hopefully at Cumberlands, you will be electing a new director.

We welcomed our 5th granddaughter - Mayple Elaine Anderegg - October 30.  Everyone is doing well and Dad is now quite "outnumbered" and loving it!  Mayple's older sisters - Baizyl and Naivy are over the moon excited about their baby sister.

Be safe out there!

Brad Wobbrock
Progressive Trapper
Co-Director - Bill Adler
Summer 2020 Report

I’d like to tell a joke about the pandemic situation, but what it’s doing to our economy and the world of fur isn’t funny. Lock-downs are no fun, meetings aren’t held, communications are just a little bit awkward by zoom, skype, Facetime, and so on. It’s do-able but not the same as face to face, with all the side comments that make it so interesting being with a group of people. As the saying goes, “this too shall pass”. And it is my hope everyone comes out of it unscathed.

What does this mean for trapping? I don’t know. Having been a hobby trapper all my life, there’s no stopping now. Lures have been purchased, and equipment has been cleaned. DP baits are made and new formulas tested or will be by fall. The coon market may be mediocre or good, but I don’t care. The fall beaver market means skinning for the hatter market, and that’s fine. The coyote market may or may not materialize and that’s okay, too. For me, trapping is a hobby that helps a bunch of property owners get rid of nuisance animals that are often more than aggravating. With agricultural commodities taking the hit they’re going to have again this fall, having one less aggravation is well worth it for them.

If you go trapping this fall, and I hope you do, do it because it’s in your blood. Do it because you’ve made commitments to farmers and land managers to remove their aggravations. Do it because its a way to get out of the house/office/business and challenge yourself to doing something outdoors you enjoy. It’s all we can ask in this economy.


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