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District 7 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 7
Tyler Thompson
47052 435th Ave
Nicollet, MN, MN  56074
(507) 779-5223

Brian Fischer
55458 Cty Rd 21
Courtland, MN  56021
H: (507) 354-2674
C: (507) 276-6322
Director Tyler Thompson
Winter 2019 Report

Hey, my fellow trappers,
I hope all is well, I want to thank all the volunteers that helped at the summer convention as it was a beautiful week and everything went well.
I want to wish everyone good luck on the upcoming trapping season.

Tyler Thompson

Co-Director Brian Fischer
Spring 2020 Report

Hello my friends

Another canine season has come to a close and my fur sheds already cleaned up, thinks put away and pelts sold. What a great year to be focusing on coyotes. With the price of the pelts it also brought another outdoor enthusiast out into the wild. I had more competition and have seem more activity this year that in years past. If I had the chance to talk to these individuals, I handed them a magazine and invited them to our meeting and tried to recruit for membership.

District 7 had their spring meeting, Feb. 15th in Loys barn south of Avoco, MN which is the southwest corner of the state near Westbrook. It was a nice turn out being a winter Saturday day. We raised a few hundred of dollars for the Legal Defense and General Raffle funds. We did this by using a card game and raffle tickets. Want to thank Top Lot Stretchers, Schmitt Enterprises INC, Nate Compart for the donations and making these fundraisers a success. We also collected a nice amount of fur for the Tan Project. Weibke Fur arrived in the afternoon and was buying fur for two and half hours. Lots of people showed up to unload this year’s success.

Our 2020 Minnesota State Convention, which will be in Barnum this year, runs from Thursday afternoon though Saturday evening July 30, 31 and Aug. 1st.  It figures to be a very busy convention. I am coordinating the land and water demo scheduling. My contact information is on the MTA web site. If anyone has suggestions, comments or names, give me a call. I do have the demo times slots sheet all complete and in the process of filling in the blanks. After our next brd meeting in March, I will get the tentative information posted on the web site. We will be also doing our sixth year of BTC (Beginner Trapper Connection). First demos, for the any age beginner, land and water are scheduled for Thursday 1:00. We are scheduling 4 demos, in each division on Thursday and the usually demos times scheduled for Friday with Saturday a bit up in the air yet. I am waiting on when the district is setting up the general membership meeting. Schedule and slots have been created but I still am looking for more presenters. This will be posted on the web site when enough information is gathered. If you’re interested in helping give me a call.

My fellow trappers, let’s get involved and help carry on this American Heritage.

Stay safe and let’s pass it on, Brian

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