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District 6 Director & Co-Director reports
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 6 Reports
Andy Shoemaker
Stillwater, MN  55082
(651) 323-3268
Dan Stout
East Bethel, MN
Director Andy Shoemacher
Summer 2022 Report
Hello Trappers,      
Here’s hoping that you had the opportunity to get out and run some beaver traps this spring! We just concluded our district Trapper Education Class held evenings on April 5th, 12th, and 19th, and our Field Training Session day, April 23rd. Both the classroom instruction as well as the field day were held at the Bunker Hills Regional Park Activity Center in Andover. I’d like to acknowledge some people and extend our appreciation for our guest instructors, including MN DNR Conservation Officer Tony Salzar, Commercial Trapper Mike Tucker, and Trapper Phil Harry.

CO Salzar gave a PowerPoint presentation and discussed game laws, ethics, trespassing issues, site tags, species registering/tagging, and more and fielded “tons” of questions. Mike Tucker is well known for his fur trapping skills as well as his 30+ years of Commercial Wildlife Control. Mike kept the class interested in the wide variety of traps available to all nowadays and certainly opened some eyes as to the business opportunities available for skilled trappers in the wildlife removal sector. Trapper Phil Harry did demos on his specialties – pocket gopher and mole removal. With 40 years or more of experience doing gopher and mole removal, he showed some tricks of the trade he uses to trap thousands of moles and gophers each year, besides all the other pests he traps. The Variety Section of the Star Tribune did a great feature story on Trapper Phil on November 10, 2003! Thanks to all our guest instructors.

Thanks also to our regular instructors for the great job they do every year – Bill Elliott, Mark Palas, Dan Nalezny, and Gary Nelson. The class of more than 30 students really enjoyed your instruction. For those who missed our spring class/field day opportunity, check the MTA website often as we plan to host another this fall. Dates, times, and location TBA.

MTA Convention is to be held in Wadena August 4-6 this year. I will be present all three days. District 6 members, please check the MTA booth daily for district duty assignments or give me a call. Should be a great convention and I hope to see you there!

The MTA will again have a booth at the Game Fair at Armstrong Ranch Kennels, Ramsey, on August 12, 13, 14 and 19, 20, 21. If you are interested in helping staff the MTA booth, please give me a call and I can make prearrangements for you, get an entrance pass, etc. The Game Fair is a fabulous Outdoor Venue and is attended by thousands of people every day. It is a great place to get the word out regarding the MTA, Trapping, and our Tanned Fur Project. If you’ve never attended it before, consider helping out for part of the day, and seeing the vast grounds and vendors the other half.

See you at Wadena!
Andy Shoemaker
Co-Director - Dan Stout
Summer 2022 Report
Spring beaver trapping is coming near the end.  I hope you have had an opportunity to catch some. Mother Nature has been a big pain, ice and freezing temps have made this spring’s trapping tough. Now is a great time to get to know your local Conservation Officers.  Introduce yourself and communicate with your COs in order to develop procedures that work well for all reporting incidental catches. Keep their phone numbers on speed dial so it is easy to do the right thing quickly. They can be a great asset.  The three COs that my trapping partner and I deal with in our areas are great people that are very easy to work with which makes our seasons much more enjoyable. So, give your CO’s a call and get to know them.  
Dan Stout

©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2022. MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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