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District 5 Chair & Co-Chairs

Minnesota Trappers Association
District 5 Reports
Photo of Dave CurtisDirector
Dave Curtis
26335 County Rd 139
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 493-0403
Photo of Pete JonasCo-Director
Pete Jonas
PO Box 51
6815 Redwood Ave NW
South Haven, MN  55382
(320) 236-2410
Dan Parson
718 4th St South
Buffalo,MN 55313
Director - Dave Curtis
Spring 2019 Report

Hello Trappers,
Now that most of my trapping is over, I think back about the exceptional season I had with the coyotes. Now I am waiting to see their value with the NAFA sale coming up shortly.

I was just told this morning about the passing of Arnie Peterson, and exceptional trapper and an even better person, to be missed by all.

I had my D5 meeting at Johnson’s Fur in Willmar on February 2nd. I would say we had approximately 55-60 members present. Lots of thank go out to allot of guys there. First I would like to thank Scott for putting on great meal and place to meet. If I am not mistaking this was Scotts 27th yr of having our D5 spring meeting.

A big thanks to Mike Halonen and Jason Smith for doing some skinning, fleshing, and boarding demos. Another thank you to Tom Fossell for the great donation for the young trappers present. It worked out great 4 young trappers and 8 gifts. Lots of traps and gift certificate, with one gift certificate worth $50. Little Cooper Boser won the big price.

A couple of other donations were made by Neil Laplant and Walt Gessler. A Great big thank you to you guys!!!

At the meeting we talk about current issues and one of them being the possibility of raising membership dues and I explained why. I can safely say we have their support to do so.

The following Tuesday we had “Trappers Day At The Capitol”. Great event only wish more trappers would attend. Met up with Lisa DesMuth of district 13A. She is my rep in the House at the Capitol. Great person, she is from Cold Spring Area. Her grandson is starting to trap and she is a great friend of the trapper. GET TO KNOW YOUR REPS AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF. DON’T WAIT FOR THE OTHER GUY TO DO IT FOR YOU.

Wouldn’t you know it, I bought a snowmobile 4 years ago and basically never used it. Sold it 2 months ago and now when I need it I done have one.

Don’t forget to make plans for the fall convention in Redwood Falls this yr. Make plans now.

Take care and God Bless,
Dave Curtis

Co-Director - Pete Jonas
June 2019 Report

Hello Everyone,
I am having a Trapping Field Training Class that will be held sometime in late August to early September. Still currently waiting on dates the Kimball Rod and Gun Club have open. If you have completed the online course or plan to, give me a call and I will put you on the list.

The summer MTA convention is coming up in August. If you can volunteer it will be very much appreciated. We always are looking for help setting up tables, building the demo areas, and cleaning up the fairgrounds when the convention is over.

Take Care,
Pete Jonas
Co-Director -  Dan Parson
Spring 2019 Report

Greeting all!
Trapping season is winding down ,I hope everyone has had a safe and productive  season.

I didn’t`t get to trap as much as I wanted to, but got out enough to scratch the itch once more.

The legal defense banquet was a great success and we raised a tidy sum for the MTA.

Thanks to everyone involved who donated prizes or their time, I`m pretty sure everyone who attended  had a very nice evening!

February 2nd  District 5 had their spring meeting at Johnson fur in Willmar, we had a very nice turnout, and raised a nice sum of cash for the MTA once again. It was nice to see some young trappers attend, and they all walked away with  some brand spanking new traps, thanks again for the donations, the youth  are the future of our
sport. Take a kid trapping when you can!

I`m hoping to find some time to trap a few beaver this spring, if the snow ever melts!
Been meaning to make a pair of choppers for quite some time now, can`t think of a better time to get it done.

Looking forward to the convention in Redwood Falls  the first week of August. I know its hard to believe, but summer WILL be here eventually!
Make sure to sell your raffle tickets and spread the word about our wonderful

-Dan Parson

©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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