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District 5 Chair & Co-Chairs

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District 5 Reports
Photo of Dave CurtisDirector
Dave Curtis
26335 County Rd 139
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 493-0403
Photo of Pete JonasCo-Director
Pete Jonas
PO Box 51
6815 Redwood Ave NW
South Haven, MN  55382
(320) 236-2410
Dan Parson
Director - Dave Curtis
Winter 2018

Hello fellow trappers.
My trapping season so far has been really good; lots of coyotes. More badgers than ever before, that being 6 for the season so far.        Other news is, don’t forget about the Legal Defense Banquet. I still have three LDF tickets unspoken for. You still have a chance to get in on the fun; Call me.

Also, watch the next newsletter for the exact dates for the winter meeting and Legal Defense Banquet following.

District 5 meeting will once again be at Scott Johnsons in Willmar on the First Sat of February 2nd. I would like to have someone step up to do a demo or two. Call me or e-mail me, and I will print it on the invites when I send them out. So look for your invites to be mailed out in the middle of January sometime.

Scott has been very generous hosting these meetings, now going on 26 years. Please show up and tell him thank you for all his support.

One more thing is that there are a lot of people calling for their trapper certification. Please note that I am not going to stop trapping in the fall, during the season, to certify anyone; sorry. There will be another certification class again next August or September, so pay attention to get certified.

Thanks everyone, God Bless and have a Merry Christmas,
Dave Curtis

Co-Director - Pete Jonas
Winter 2018

Greetings fellow trappers!
I have been trapping  for quite a few years now and I really felt it was time I helped out the MTA any way I could, so I offered to fill a co-directors position if it came up.
When I was at the convention helping out at the raffle booth, Dave Curtis reached out to me and asked if I was still  interested in the position; I eagerly accepted. I still have a lot to learn about the position, but with Dave and Pete to help guide me, I feel  I should be OK.
The September  15th meeting at Kimball went well, and we raised a nice sum of money for the MTA even though the turnout was fairly small. Hopefully, next fall we can get a date set where more people can attend.

Our next District 5 meeting is Saturday, February 2nd, at Johnson Fur in Willmar. Hope to see you all there.

Everyone have a safe season,
Dan Parson

Co-Director -  Dan Parson
Winter 2018
No Report at this time.

©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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