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District 3 Chair & Co-Chair

Minnesota Trappers Association
District 3 Reports
Don McGaffey
9811 Chippewa Heights
Brandon, MN 56315
(320) 815-0047

Photo of Eric Maijala
Eric Maijala
56015 Co Rd 8
New York Mills,
MN 56567
Photo of Keith FriedsamCo-Director
Keith Friedsam
509 Pinetree Drive  
Perham, MN 56573

Director - Don McGaffey
Winter 2018 Report

District 3 Director
Report By: Don McGaffey

Greetings members of district three.

Hope everyone is out getting some trapping done and enjoying the bounty that God has provided us with. I personally am having a very good season and I owe a big thank you to our co-director Keith Friedsam. He gave me three different predator baits to try and I have had very good success with them. By the way Keith, those baits are very attractive to all things trappable. I even caught an otter in a coyote set that was baited with your #3 bait. That’s the first time I have ever caught an otter in a coyote set! I am fully aware of the low chance of paying of the mortgage with the profits from my trapping but I can’t imagine anything more enjoyable!

District 3 held their fall meeting in Perham at the Perham Sportman’s Club on October 12th. We had 13 folks in attendance and had lots of good discussion on multiple topics. It’s always a great time to get together and talk trapping and tell a few lies with others that understand what makes us tick.

Our spring meeting is slated to be held in Park Rapids at the Northwoods Bank. Date and time will be announced later.

Remember that the winter meeting and Legal Defense Banquet are in Brainerd this year. Not sure if there are any tickets still available for the banquet but a quick check with Dave Curtis will reveal that for you. It’s right in our backdoor District 3, so let’s have a good turn out and enjoy everything that the winter meetings have to offer and spending some time together.

I know this is short and sweet, but with the busy fall activities, I don’t have a lot to write about. I hope to see as many of you as possible in Brainerd! Enjoy the rest of the trapping season.

Stay Safe,
Don McGaffey
Co-Director Keith Friedsam
Winter 2018 - Report

Greetings Trappers

 Trapping season is in full swing as I write this up. I’m hoping it was a good start of the season for you all. Ice came a bit early and then I battled being sick the first week. I still made the best of it.

 We had our District three meeting in Perham, and other than a few hiccups with the address it was a fair turnout. I strongly recommend coming to the fall and spring meetings as it helps everyone to stay up to date with new changes within the association. I do apologize that if the address wasn’t correct in finding the clubhouse. I did bring this up with the sportsman’s club and they were looking into it. The spring meeting we will look into an easier to find location.

 The legal defense banquet is January 5th in Brainerd this year. I highly recommend attending this. This will be my first year going and I am very excited to be there.

 In the distant future the MTA does do booths at local fairs and shows within the Perham Area. East Ottertail County Fair, Decoy Show, and other fairs within the area, if you are interesting in helping or sitting at these booths please let myself or Eric, Don or Dewey know.
 With low fur prices this year remember the tanned fur project is always an option. If you can help with any part of this or just to donate please get ahold of one of us mentioned above.

Try to take a kid out or if anyone is interested in trapping, these are the future of the sport!
Hope to see you at the Legal Defense Banquet and good luck trapping!

Stay safe
Keith Friedsam
Co-Director - Eric Maijala
Winter 2018 Report

Greetings fellow trappers,

My hope is that all have been able to get out and do some trapping this fall.  I have started after the deer season and I am enjoying every minute of drilling holes and trap beds into the frozen ground.  We had our district meeting in early October and small turnout but had good conversations.  I want to thank Mike Fick for donating an Otter already tanned to the tanned fur project.  I would also like to thank Dave Graham for bring a few traps for door prizes and he also purchased a ticket for the Legal Defense Banquet to give away as a door prize.  We are planning our next district meeting to be in Park Rapids in March or early April, so watch the website and the mailbox as we will send out post cards.  That meeting will be the one with our raffle.  Also watch the website for any information on the Trapper Day at the Capitol.  We had a group of around 30 trappers last year and it would be nice to make it bigger this year.  I hope to see a lot of you at the winter meeting in Baxter and LDB in Brainerd on Saturday, January 5th.  Good luck with your trapping and stay safe.


©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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