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District 3 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 3 Reports
Don McGaffey
9811 Chippewa Heights
Brandon, MN 56315
(320) 815-0047

Photo of Eric Maijala
Eric Maijala
56015 Co Rd 8
New York Mills,
MN 56567
Photo of Keith FriedsamCo-Director
Keith Friedsam
509 Pinetree Drive  
Perham, MN 56573

Co-Director - Eric Maijala
2020 Spring Report

Hello Fellow Trappers and Friends,

I hope you all had a successful trapping season this year and were able to get a few dollars back for your furs.  I had an enjoyable season and I am looking forward to the spring beaver trapping to begin.  It was just 3 to 4 years since I went for my first ride along on a trap line.  I had no clue what trapping was about and laws around trapping.  Please consider taking interested individuals along for a ride and teach them about our sport.  

We have our District 3 spring meeting coming up on Saturday, March 28th at 1:00pm at the Henning Community Center near the Fire Department at 607 2nd St in Henning.  We are trying a Saturday this year to see what kind of turnout we can get vs. a Friday night.  We will have our spring raffle at this meeting and should be able to give you the most recent news we have as we have our BOD meeting the week before.

On Tuesday, March 24th, we have our Trappers Day at the Capital.  We have had about 30 trappers there each of the last couple years, and we would like to see more this year if we can.  This is out time to set up a meeting with our Representatives to allow them to hear why we are so passionate about our sport and why we need to continue trapping in our state.  If you are unable to make it on that day, please consider sending a message to you local Representative on why you trap and what it means to you.  Many of our elected officials do not know much about trapping and how many people trap in our state.

I want to extend a “Thank You” to Dennis Meeks.  Dennis has been putting up a lot of the fur the has been donated to the Tanned Fur Project from District 3 members.  Dennis does this all on his own time outside of his work, so if you see him, shake his hand and say thanks.

Keep our tradition going.
Director - Don McGaffey
2020 Spring Report

Greetings District 3

Winter has its firm grip on the landscape with plenty of snow to go with it There's not much to report from district 3 for this quarter so I'm actually going to be able to keep things short this time.

The district 3 spring meeting is going to be held at the Henning Community Center in Henning MN. on Saturday, March 28th at
1:00 pm. The address is 607 2nd Street. The Community Center is right beside the fire department. We will once again have a drawing for a very fine door prize, the raffle (which Keith wins 'most everything anyway), and a gift for attendees 16 and younger. This is an opportunity to voice your opinion, learn more about what's going on in the trapping world, tell stories and swap lies. We have an assortment of topics to discuss with the selection of our gun for the summer convention benefit auction being one of them.  Remember to bring any fur for the tanned fur project. Looking forward to seeing you all there and don't leave those young trappers at home! In fact, bring a neighbor kid along too. They are the future of trapping!!

If you haven't checked the website or Facebook page, the trappers day at the capital is Tuesday March 24th from 2-4pm. I can't over stress the importance of making a good showing in St. Paul to get our voices heard! It's absolutely critical for the future of trapping!! Our silence will ensure the end of trapping as we know it!

You owe it to our future generations! If you need/want to ride with someone, contact Eric, Keith, or myself and we will do whatever we can to facilitate a ride for you. Our elected officials take serious notice of our being there and they do remember that we took the time to meet with them. The more trappers we have attend, the more of an impression we have. Let's all make a difference!!

I will again remind you that we are welcoming nominations for the trapper of the year awards. The categories are: male, female, junior, and hall of fame. The nominations need to be postmarked no later than July 1st. Seems like a long way away, but it'll be here quick. Let's honor those that deserve the recognition! The nomination form is located elsewhere within these covers.

Kinda short and sweet for me but not much currently going on. I hope to see you all at the spring meeting and the trappers day at the capital. It won't be long before the hard water is gone and we can get after those beaver in liquid again. And take a newbie with you and teach somebody something!

Stay safe, Don
Co-Director - Keith Friedsam
2020 Spring Report

Greetings Trappers

Hope all is doing well and everyone is looking for spring and some spring beaver trapping. We have our spring district meeting this March in Henning MN on the 28th from 1:00 to 4:00pm. We are trying it on a Saturday this year, lets try to get as many people as we can come, there will be a raffle as well, these meetings are always a fun time, I hope to see you there.

In January we had our winter meeting, I thought it was a good crowd and it seemed to go over very smoothly, that same night we had the legal defense banquet which is a good time had by all. If you haven’t gone to this before I would highly recommend attending. All money raised goes to legal defense!

Our summer convention is only a few short months away, this will be in Barnum this year, Barnum is always a great location, I hope to see many familiar faces at the convention. Do not be afraid to ask if they need help as well. More volunteers make less work for everyone. Summer is coming up as well as many county fairs, if you are interested in having a MTA booth at these fairs but have some questions, I would be glad to help answer these. Eric and Myself will be set up at a few decoy show’s this spring as well as the Perham Fair, if you around come say hello.

That’s all I got for now.  Good luck spring trapping!
Take a kid trapping this spring! This is the best way to get new trappers involved.

Keith Friedsam
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