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District 3 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 3 Reports
Don McGaffey
9811 Chippewa Heights
Brandon, MN 56315
(320) 815-0047

Photo of Eric Maijala
Eric Maijala
56015 Co Rd 8
New York Mills,
MN 56567
Photo of Keith FriedsamCo-Director
Keith Friedsam
509 Pinetree Drive  
Perham, MN 56573

Director - Don McGaffey
2020 Summer Report

Greetings District 3,

I hope everyone is well and staying safe with the whole COVID thing going on. Our world has changed and God only knows if things will ever be “normal” again. Fortunately, spring beaver trapping has been a good method for social distancing. I can’t begin to tell you how sick I am of this new world, but I’m sure all of you are also.

As you have probably heard, the 2020 summer convention has been canceled due to health concerns. I will tell you that that was a very gut retching decision by the board of directors. Even though it was a unanimous decision, there wasn’t a single individual involved that didn’t have heartburn because of it. Sometimes doing the right thing just plain sucks! However, we will rise up and move forward! At some point, things will return to normal (maybe a different normal) and this crap will be just a very bad memory. Please note that the raffle is still going to happen so get those raffle tickets sold!

Hopefully, we can get together this fall. We are looking at having a fall meeting that would include some demos, raffle, a card game, and hoping to have a vendor or two there so guys can get some supplies for the fall. We will hold it on a Saturday to eliminate the conflict with high school football. Obviously, we don’t have any way of knowing a date yet but we will pass on more information (if we have it) in the next edition of this publication.

The last word that I have regarding the Alexandria Youth Outdoor Activity Day is that the plan is to move forward in anticipation of the event happening as planned. It’s currently set for the last Sunday in August (August 30th). I will bring you the latest information in the next publication.

I think that’s about it for this time. Everything worth talking about either didn’t happen or isn’t going to. Don’t hesitate to contact Eric, Keith, or myself for any questions or concerns that you might have, If we don’t have the answer, we can get the answer.

Stay safe,
Co-Director - Eric Maijala
2020 Fall Report

Fellow Trappers,

This summer has been left with a hole without having our annual convention.  I have missed visiting and hearing all the stories.
If you are interested in any MTA gear, go to the website and place an order.  The new shirts that were purchased to sale at the convention are on there and going fast.  At this point we did not order the 2020 Hat Pin because the manufacturer was shut down in early March when the order is normally placed.

District 3 will be having our Youth Education Day on Saturday, September 12th at 10:00 am, at Dewey’s Taxidermy located at 63539 340th ST. Wadena, Minnesota.  We are currently lining up a few individuals to do demos as well.  We are also going to have a District 3 meeting to follow with a raffle, games and a meal.  We have reached out to Minnesota Trapline Products to fulfill orders for those that choose to do so.  All you need to do is place an order online or call MTP and state that you want it delivered to the District 3 meeting.

The season is getting close and I am sure you all are in the process of getting your traps ready.  This year may be the best year to make sure to get a young trapper or someone interested out on the line with you.

Keep our tradition going,
Eric Maijala
Co-Director - Keith Friedsam
2020 Fall Report

Greetings All,

What a strange summer it has been. I hope everyone has been able to make somewhat of a normal summer, based on what we are dealing with. This summer did not feel the same without the MTA Convention. The convention is always a great time to stock up on supplies and have conversations with fellow trappers. I want to thank everyone who still continued to sell raffle tickets. Even without the convention the money received is needed for our education fund.

District 3 will be holding a trappers education field day, on September 12th, 2020 at Dewey’s Taxidermy in Wadena. There will be Demos from a few different trappers. This is a day for all trappers, young or professional, but trappers who are wanting to get certified will be certified on this day. Following the demos/field day, we will be holding our district 3 meeting, this meeting is a great time to bring to the table any questions or concerns you have for the association. We will also be having a raffle! We are fortunate enough as well to be able to have Randy from Minnesota Trapline Products coming to deliver orders. Please preorder you supplies prior to September 6th and make note to have it delivered to the district 3 meeting.  We also were fortunate enough to receive some traps that a trapper donated to have us give to the youth, that being said each kid 16 and younger will receive a trap just for showing up.  I hope to see many of you there!

With summer winding down, trap preparation has begun. I have been busy messing around in the trap shed getting stuff ready. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call. If I do not answer please leave a message (I work a lot of nights, so I am usually sleeping till the afternoon). I have also been planning a wedding and will be getting married on the 29th of August. (not fun planning a wedding during a pandemic). It has been a busy busy summer for me but am looking forward to the trapping season.

Please join us on September 12 for our field day and meeting!
Take Care
Keith Friedsam

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