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District 3 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 3 Reports
Don McGaffey
9811 Chippewa Heights
Brandon, MN 56315
(320) 815-0047

Photo of Eric Maijala
Eric Maijala
56015 Co Rd 8
New York Mills,
MN 56567
Photo of Keith FriedsamCo-Director
Keith Friedsam
509 Pinetree Drive  
Perham, MN 56573

Director - Don McGaffey
Summer 2021 Report

Greeting District 3,
As I write this, hopefully, Governor Walz is preparing to open the state up to business as usual which is music to our ears in regard to the upcoming state convention!! FINALLY!!!

The convention is right around the corner and I certainly hope you are all planning to attend. We've been cooped up too long and need to get together to learn, laugh, and lie!

Speaking of the convention, remember to get your nominations in for the trappers of the year (trapper of the year, junior trapper of the year, and female trapper of the year). Last, but certainly not least, the inductee into the Trapper Hall of Fame. Nominations need to
be submitted to Tyler Thompson (address and e-mail elsewhere inside this publication) by July 1st or at least postmarked July 1st.
District 3 held its spring meeting on March 20th in New York Mills with good attendance. If anyone has a suggestion about possible
locations for the fall meeting, please let us know and we'll see if we can accommodate the request.

As you probably are aware, this is an election year and our current President and vice president have decided not to seek another term. This leaves us in need of qualified nominees to fill these positions. The election for the two top positions will be held at the convention, so think long and hard of people that are capable of leading us into the future. District elections will be held at the respective districts' fall meeting so the same applies to them. Your vote is your voice so make sure that you participate!

The Douglas County fair is August 17th-21st and I'm always looking for help manning the booth. Hopefully, there will be several fairs and sports shows that we can get a booth into this summer. If you have one in your community, let's see what we can do to get the
help there that's needed.

The Alexandria Youth Outdoor Activities Day is held the last Sunday in August every year (August 29th this year) and, again, we need volunteers to man the booth and work tasks on the grounds. The MTA is a major contributor to this fine event and it's nice if we can make a
good showing.

That's all I have for now. I'm very much looking forward to seeing you all at the convention! It's been WAY too long!!
Remember to teach somebody something!
 Stay safe, Don

Co-Director - Eric Maijala
Fall 2021 Report

Greetings Fellow Trappers,

Convention time has just flown by and I had the opportunity to see many of you there to enjoy the show and ability to visit with friends and fellow trappers.  We had a very successful show at the Souvenir booth and there was a lot of excitement with the new merchandise.  I hope to replenish some of the stock soon and have it available on the store and at the Winter meeting.  There was a lot of young kids and babies present this year as well.  This will be exciting to watch these youngsters grow into becoming future leaders of our organization.

District 3 will be having a Trappers Field training day coming up in September with potentially having a district meeting to follow.  We currently do not have the date locked in, but will soon after this writing.

District 3 won the Tanned Fur Competition this year for donating and processing the most fur to go towards the project.  This project is important to educate the public and schools what trapping is about and gives the schools the opportunity to use the furs to do the teaching.  Great job to everyone in District 3 for your donations and hard work processing this fur.  I want to thank Dennis Meeks for giving up an afternoon to teach me how to flesh and stretch beaver.  Since then, I have put a lot of them up and I might need to go back and teach him a thing or two. LOL

The convention will be held right in the middle of a lot of our back yards next year.  It will be held in Wadena at the Wadena County Fair Grounds on August 4th – 6th.  Don, Keith and myself will be looking for volunteers to setup and tear down for this event.  If you are willing to help, please contact one of us and we will add you to the committee.  We are already in some of the planning stages and I look forward to putting on a great show in our neck of the woods.  The convention was last held in Wadena in 2003, so the scenery has changed a lot since then.

We will be having the Annual Winter Meeting and Legal Defense banquet in late January, so watch for locations and dates and hope to see everyone there.

That’s it for now, so get the steel ready and get it in the ground this fall.

Keep our tradition going,
Eric Maijala
Co-Director - Keith Friedsam
Summer 2021 Report

Greetings Trappers,
I hope all of you are having a successful spring beaver trapping. I have been able to get out myself and run a small line for some lake owners who were having trouble with beaver cutting down their trees. The weather is always playing a game with us as one day is 65 degrees and then in two days its 35 degrees.

District 3 had the spring meeting held in New York Mills. We had a decent turnout with about 25 members present. While this is a good number, I am never going to pass up more people coming. These meetings are a great way to get information and for the director and co-directors to get your information to pass on to the board.
In April, the Legal Defense Banquet was held. As always it was a great time. All the money raised benefits us trappers to continue to stick up for our rights and to preserve our trapping rights. I highly recommend attending this in the future if you have not been to it before.

Fair season will be coming up as well, I am hoping to have a booth at the Perham Fair this year, if you interested in helping or wanting to set up a booth at a different fair and have questions, give me a call and I can help with whatever you need.

The state convention is coming up in July in Barnum. It looks to be like a great convention. Barnum is always a great place to have a convention. I hope to be in Barnum for at least one of the days. This summer is going to be very busy for myself and my wife and we are in the process of building our house and in June we will be welcoming a little trapper to our family. Summer will be a very busy time for us, but we cannot wait.

That is all I have for this report, like always if anyone has questions or anything they want to bring up, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, Eric or Don.

Take care and stay safe.
Keith Friedsam

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