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District 2 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 2 Reports
Welcome to Chris Morinville as the new 2020 District Co-Director...
Steve Pahlen
P.O. Box 72
Plummer, MN  56748
(612) 269-1164
Chris Morinville
21000 225th St SE
Brooks, MN 56715
(218) 698-4342
Director - Steve Pahlen
Fall 2019 Report

Greetings members,

Fall is in the air and the days are getting shorter. I expect you all are getting your gear ready and trap lines planned out, it seems as I get older the summers just fly by.  

The convention was a success and hats off to Brian and the crew of District 7. Tom has reported our raffle was a success, thanks to all for selling tickets, the raffle is an integral funding source for our youth education program. If you have the ability I suggest attending the winter meeting and the banquet following. It’s a great event.

Be aware of the season date changes to the bobcat/marten/fisher season opening/closing dates and otter closing dates.  

I am sure the upcoming legislative session promises to be busy as it has the last few years. We’ll keep working hard to maintain the privileges we enjoy and also to attempt to get changes implemented to the NR issue that was voted on by the membership as well a few other items.  

Regards, Steve
Co-Director Chris Morinville
2020 Spring Report

Greetings Trappers,
As trapping is winding down for the winter season it’s time to start thinking about spring.  Spring is not only about spring beaver trapping and maybe some pocket gopher trapping, but it’s also time to attend your spring district meeting and Trapper’s Day at the Capitol in St. Paul.

Here in District 2 we will once again be holding our annual spring meeting at the Plummer Sportsman’s Park in Plummer, MN on Sunday, March 22nd.  We’ll have a short meeting, lunch and some door prizes and I’d encourage you to attend.

It looks like Trapper’s Day at the Capitol will be held on Tuesday, March 24th at the Minnesota State Office Building.  This has become an annual event where trappers can get together to show our support of trapping.  We’ll have the opportunity to visit with legislators and discuss issues important to trappers.  Many legislators will stop by our room to visit during the day where they can handle fur, read some literature and visit.  Encourage your state senator and representative to visit and if possible call ahead to schedule a face to face meeting in their office.  Believe me, they’ll be happy to have you stop by and introduce yourself and put a face to a name.  These short, informal meetings help lay the groundwork for an ongoing relationship.  As our values are threatened, it’s important that we have a personal relationship with our leaders in St. Paul so that our voices are heard.  I realize that some people are not political and you’ve maybe never considered doing anything like this.  If you are one of those people, I’d encourage you to take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone and attend this event.  I can just about promise you that you’ll find it un-intimidating, valuable and enjoyable.  It’s my opinion that our presence in St. Paul and our work there is the most valuable function of our association and I hope you too see the value and come join us.

Finally, when you attend your spring meetings (or at any time) please take a minute to make sure that your district director has your current contact information.  If you have an email address, please provide that to your district director.  During the legislative session, it’s important that your director have updated contact information to share important, time-sensitive information.  It’s fairly easy to identify pertinent legislation when it resides as a standalone bill.  However, legislation is just as likely to occur in the form of an amendment to a larger bill.  These amendments often come with very little warning and it’s critical that we communicate with our legislators in a timely fashion.  Providing your email address may be the difference in getting you the information you need on time.

Chris Morinville

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©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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