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District 2 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 2 Reports
Welcome to Chris Morinville as the new 2020 District Co-Director...
Steve Pahlen
P.O. Box 72
Plummer, MN  56748
(612) 269-1164
Chris Morinville
21000 225th St SE
Brooks, MN 56715
(218) 698-4342
Director - Steve Pahlen
Fall 2019 Report

Greetings members,

Fall is in the air and the days are getting shorter. I expect you all are getting your gear ready and trap lines planned out, it seems as I get older the summers just fly by.  

The convention was a success and hats off to Brian and the crew of District 7. Tom has reported our raffle was a success, thanks to all for selling tickets, the raffle is an integral funding source for our youth education program. If you have the ability I suggest attending the winter meeting and the banquet following. It’s a great event.

Be aware of the season date changes to the bobcat/marten/fisher season opening/closing dates and otter closing dates.  

I am sure the upcoming legislative session promises to be busy as it has the last few years. We’ll keep working hard to maintain the privileges we enjoy and also to attempt to get changes implemented to the NR issue that was voted on by the membership as well a few other items.  

Regards, Steve
Co-Director Chris Morinville
Fall 2019 Report
First of all, I’d like to use my first newsletter report to introduce myself. My name is Chris Morinville and I’m a 40 year-old farmer from Brooks in Northwest Minnesota. I’m married and have five children ages 4-13.

I’m a relatively new trapper. Although I trapped pocket gophers all through school, I never really trapped for fur until 2011 in my early 30’s. At the time I was living in Brooks, but most of my work was based out of Fargo where I worked for a software company installing and supporting software for financial institutions. I started out in the water and utilizing bodygrip sets on land primarily for raccoon.

Our three-day check law on lethal sets was imperative to me starting trapping as I’d have never had the time for daily checks back then. In the spring of 2014 I started farming full-time and with that I really began to target canines using both footholds and snares as I had the time to check traps daily.

Today, I’m mostly a land trapper and I especially enjoy trapping coyotes and red fox. I’m not a long-liner by any stretch and I’m not too proud to say that while I believe that trapping is a commercial endeavor on a varying scales, I am essentially a hobby trapper. I’ll start my season setting footholds for canines and mix in other sets as it fits. As the season progresses, I’ll eventually pull my footholds and set a few snares for canines and bobcats along with a few fisher sets during that season. There is something nostalgic about getting in the water and I definitely have a higher percentage of success, but the last few years have been late farming and early to freeze and I haven’t done much water trapping. I’ve done
some spring beaver trapping and just this past year I also did some beaver damage work for my township.

I’m far from the best trapper in the district, but I love trapping and I want to help protect and promote it. I’ve got some experience with politics from volunteering as a district and state delegate and serving as treasurer for the local party. Politics are a part of trapping and it’s important that we all have a basic understanding of what we need to do to keep our issues in front of our lawmakers and to have a positive voice in the process. I especially hope to grow and promote trapping by telling my story and in turn helping young adults get into trapping. Education is generally targeted to the youth, and rightly so,but there is a demographic to which I’m a part that might be a large part of trapping’s future.

Finally, I’d like to thank Les for nominating me to this position and adding a few nice words about me. I appreciate it, as I just don’t know a lot of trappers yet, even in my district. I’ll do my best to do a good job for the trappers of the state and especially in District 2. I’ll leave you with something Steve always says; this is your organization. It belongs to the member-trappers and it should represent you. Get involved any way you can. Keep an open line of communication with your director and co-directors and let them know your thoughts and concerns. We should never think of our association as “them”, only “us” and “we”.

©️ Copyright 2020 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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