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District 1 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 1 Reports
  Welcome to District 1's new Directors...

John Backman
7509 Enberg Rd.
Embarrass, MN 55732
(218) 780-3238
Paul Zieroth
4805 Johnson Rd.
Saginaw, MN 55779
(218) 391-5706

Photo On the Right: Bert presented the MTA Conservation Officer of the Year Award to CO Kip Duncan of Duluth at their District meeting.
Director - Bert Highland      
Fall 2019 Report

Greetings Trappers,

 Where did the summer go? From 80 degree heat to wild rice harvesting time with its cooler temps and trapping seasons coming up quick, I love this time of year! If you didn’t make it to the convention in Redwood Falls you missed a good one, not too hot and no rain made it quite comfortable. Brian and Tyler along with all the volunteers put in a lot of work and made it a great event. I haven’t heard the attendance numbers yet but it seemed like a good crowd all 3 days. Before I get to far along next years convention will be back in Barnum July 30,31, and Aug.1,2020 hosted by District 1. I won’t be in the directors position next year but will gladly coordinate the event if the new district leadership wishes. With that said I’m putting the word out now that I’ll need many volunteers to help me with this particularly  on Tues. Aug.28 to set-up and on Sun. Aug. 2 to tear down. Please consider helping out.

 Please note the DNR at the request of the MTA and MFZTA has moved the marten, fisher, and bobcat seasons into Dec. The marten/ fisher season will be Dec.21 to Dec. 29 with registration on Dec. 31. Bobcat season will run from Dec. 21 to Jan.26 with Jan.28 being registration day. The otter season will also be extended to Jan.26 to coincide with the ‘cat season. I’ve heard some grumbling about the change but overall the feedback that I’ve heard has been very positive. Primer fur, slightly longer seasons, and hopefully less conflict with other user groups are the positives I see coming out of this change.

Congratulations are in order to all District 1 members who donated to the Tanned Fur Project, for the second year in a row District 1 has  won the district competition. The judging was real close this year but because the majority of the fur we donated was put-up we were the winners once again! Can we do it three years in a row? Maybe a “ Hat Trick”? I think we can, I’m challenging you guys! Also this years Conservation Officer of the Year Award goes out to CO Kip Duncan of Duluth. Kip over the years has been very supportive of the Tanned Fur Project and is very deserving of this award. If everything works out I will present the award to Kip at our fall district meeting.

 Remember the Winter Meeting and Legal Defense Banquet on Jan.4 in Brainerd. I’m sure Chris Holm still has a few tickets left for the banquet but don’t wait too long, his contact info will be somewhere in this issue and on the website. This is my last report as your director so it’s kind of a bittersweet moment for me. I’ve  made many great friends while doing this job, way too many to list. I have nothing but good things to say about our President and V.P. Todd and Dewey, they’ve been great to work with and I consider both as friends. To my Co-director “Hall of Famer” Frank Brula, its been a pleasure working with you buddy ( maybe now we’ll finally have time to enjoy 1 or 2-- eh)! To Tim Caven our Tanned Fur Coordinator, it is unbelievable the amount of work you do for the MTA, I sometimes wonder—do you sleep Tim? Thank you and Nancy for all you do! To our legal council Gary Lestico, lobbyist Tim Spreck, and MOHA director Randy Goldenman--- what can I say, you guys are at the Capitol every day of the legislative session fighting for our right to trap! I don’t know where we’d be without you guys! If anyone says differently they are sadly mistaken! Thanks guys! As for me its been a good run as your director. I feel the district is in better shape now then it ever has been but 10 yrs. is enough and it’s time for new blood to come in with fresh ideas. I feel the MTA is the premier trapping organization of all the state associations and I will always back the MTA 100%. In closing just remember I may not be your director but I’m not going away anytime soon either ( I’ll just be a  “worker bee” now) ! Thanks to all and have a great trapping season. God Bless !


©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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