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District 1 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 1 Reports
  Welcome to District 1's new Directors...

John Backman
7509 Enberg Rd.
Embarrass, MN 55732
(218) 780-3238
Paul Zieroth
4805 Johnson Rd.
Saginaw, MN 55779
(218) 391-5706

Director John Backman
Winter 2020 Report:

I am not getting post card announcements out early enough and will change that.

Our fall meeting in Grand Rapids was a last minute change to accommodate COVID was attended by 38. I did a demo converting snares to a BAD. A motion was passed for a letter will be written to Wildlife Services asking to reduce their in-season beaver activities.  Many complaints in the last year came to me.

Our district will host the convention in Barnum and we’ll need volunteers. My contact information is at the bottom.

Looking to have a “Coffee And” in the International Falls and Grand Marais areas annually between regular meetings. I would like to do so in the winter. Please contact me with location suggestions.

Opening week of deer season phone me sitting in a stand alternating between looking at an empty woods, thinking about my water line, and reading Trapper‘s Post.  I save a couple magazines without looking at them through the year just for this occasion.

Fur prices are in surely not the driving factor in setting a line this year, but long time hard-core trappers and those out to enjoy the hobby seem to be having a good year. I had a short canine line with 10 traps the produce three fox and a coyote in a matter of a couple days. Great ratio for me. The two teen boys accompanying me this year thought it was fantastic. I switch to the water for deer season as we had a good warm-up and deer hunters like to put holes in canines in a trap. I can check after dark and feel safer doing so.  

Take a person of any age trapping with you this winter; change the image of trapping one person at a time.

John Backman
Co-Director Paul Zieroth
2020 Winter Report

Greetings everyone:
I've had a lot of unique trapping experiences, but I never thought I would need an ice chisel for a water opener! It is what it is and I'm happy the weather warmed up enough to have some ice free ponds.

If you have not yet heard, the winter meeting in Brainerd has been canceled due to Covid-19. Shamrock Productions has also canceled the Duluth Boat Show in February. So what's still on? The Legal Defense Banquet on January 16th will happen, and  Fur Harvesters has two auctions scheduled, January 16th receiving date for March 15th auction, and April 17th receiving date for May 31st auction. If you prefer to sell locally and be paid on the spot, you may be able to sell furs to Carlson furs. I am glad Matt is a option.

Sounds like the Wolf delisting is finally going to happen and there is still time to submit comments to the DNR. Hopefully, there will be a season in 2021. If you deer hunt, I hope you had a successful season. As far as I know the DNR has not made any changes to furbearer tagging on December 29th or January 26th; just follow covid guidelines and wear a mask etc. I print out a registration sheet and fill it in at home before I go.

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