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District 1 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 1 Reports
  Welcome to District 1's new Directors...

John Backman
7509 Enberg Rd.
Embarrass, MN 55732
(218) 780-3238
Paul Zieroth
4805 Johnson Rd.
Saginaw, MN 55779
(218) 391-5706

Director John Backman
Spring 2021 Report:

The season just closed at this writing, but preliminary results out of the Tower DNR office is a bobcat harvest far above anything we have had before. The mid-season seemed to stall with lack of movement but it ended very strong. Similar reports out of Duluth which seemed to not have the lack of mid-season activity. Myself I got two this year and still failed to get one in a cage, which was one of my unfilled goals.

Part of this is in no doubt due to more trappers being out in this COVID times. More participation in everything outdoors. Access points into trout waters on the openers were like a mall parking lot. Take this opportunity to invite a landowner, friend, or interested coworker to join you on the line a time or two. The adults new to trapping are a significant demographic in protecting our way of life. Invite them to come to a local meeting with you.

I want to expand our chances to meet trappers and talk in this huge area that makes up District 1. It is more vast than several states on the eastern seaboard. So, in addition to regular meetings, I am trying to get in a couple informal gatherings in different corners. One on the schedule for International Falls. The fall meeting was in Grand Rapids. It would be greatly appreciated if someone up the North Shore could help me secure a spot for late June.

Social/Informal Gathering of Trappers February 27, at 3 pm 1201 3rd St in International Falls. Kerry Meyers, owner of Meyers Glass, has donated use of his rental space he calls "The Beaver Lodge" on site for a social and informal gathering.

District 1 Spring Meeting March 13, doors open 8am, meeting at 10 am at the Cotton Community Center, Cotton, MN.
2021 MTA Convention July 29-31 at the Barnum Fairgrounds and our district is hosting.

More attempts to regulate us out of effective trapping methods keep coming. Conibear trapping got more attention and I was interviewed from Duluth News Tribune as a result. The bright side is the writer became interested and wants some time with a beaver trapper coming this spring. Requests for dog release kits increased and allowed many of us to have conversations with the sporting dog community. That personal contact goes a long way and in every instance for me, this has been a positive outcome; both of our groups have outdoor heritage preservation on their minds. I have not been hit up with anti-trapping rants but rather they are asking how they can operate in the same areas without endangering their dogs. I think it an important distinction to recognize these folks as separate from the free ranging pet community.

John Backman
Co-Director Paul Zieroth
Spring 2021 Report

Hello Everyone.
I hope you were able to have a successful fisher, marten, and bobcat season. I did not harvest any fisher or pine marten, but I did catch 5 cats in the first seven days of the season, I was even able to release a bobcat kitten. For me, that was the quickest I have ever filled my five tags. If you shipped pelts to Fur Harvesters Auction I hope you do well. If you need other options to sell fur look at the MTA website there is a list of fur buyers, I know I have sold to several of them in the past. Due to events in Washington DC and the state capitol I don't see a in person Trappers Day at the Capitol this year. I would be prepared to call or email your representatives though if anything comes up. Summer convention July 29th-31st in Barnum will be the event to be at. If you have time please consider volunteering. Finally, as I write this report in mid-January in order to meet deadline for March/April’s issue, open water beaver trapping is fast approaching by the time this issue arrives. May you reach your goals.   

Enjoy the trapline.
Paul Zieroth

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