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District 1 Chair & Co-Chair reports.
Minnesota Trappers Association
District 1 Reports

John Backman
7509 Enberg Rd.
Embarrass, MN 55732
(218) 780-3238

Paul Zieroth
4805 Johnson Rd.
Saginaw, MN 55779
(218) 391-5706
Director Paul Zieroth
Fall 2021 Report

Hello Trappers,

What a great convention in Barnum. I hope you were able to attend or talked with someone who was there, the weather was great, and attendance was good, it was nice to see so many familiar faces again. A BIG thank you to all the district members who volunteered time to help out when needed. The Board voted to support raising the otter limit to 8 and also extend the season to April 30th. The Board is also in support of using dog proof traps in the water right of way during the week between land opener and water opener. Please think of supporting the Tanned Fur Project, Tim Caven is looking for: grey fox, coyote, skunk, and badger this fall. Our district meeting will be Sept 11th in Grand Rapids. Look for a postcard in the mail for location and time. The winter meeting is January 22nd at Forestview school in Brainerd with the Legal Defense Banquet that evening. I believe the DNR will have someone to tag Bobcat and Otter at the meeting. It looks like next summer’s convention will be in Wadena, the dates are August 4th-6th. There is a new MTA calendar fundraiser coming it was previewed at the Barnum convention, price is $20 with proceeds going to the general fund. Watch the website for more details.

Before I forget I would like to thank Todd and Dewey for serving as president and vice president of the association. I would also like to congratulate Brian and Bert as the new president and vice president. Finally, this is an election year for our district, and we will be voting on director and co-director in September. I had a member nominate me for director and have accepted.

However, I may not make the September meeting as I may not be back from a Colorado archery elk hunt by that time.

I hope everyone is prepared for the fall season and that after a summer of excessive heat and drought we will once again have cooler weather and adequate water levels in the streams to put sets in.

Fall Directors Report

Hello Everyone.

If you were at the district meeting in Grand Rapids you probably know I was in Colorado for a elk hunt. I survived the mountains but unfortunately for me the elk survived also.

One of the business items at the dist. meeting was election of Director and Co director. Essentially as I understand, I have been voted Director and John was voted your Co director. John, thanks for serving as Director these last two years and all your work on organizing the convention in Barnum. As director please let me know your concerns for the association.

As we begin the fall trapping seasons please, wisely choose set locations to avoid incidental catches and whether you are a land, water, or combination trapper, be safe and have an enjoyable experience. Don't forget to save some fur for the tanned fur project.

One final note: the Winter meeting is set for Saturday January 22nd in Brainerd at the Forestview school with the Legal Defense Banquet later that evening. Hope to see you there.

Co-Director John Bachman
all 2021 Report:
With the convention behind us I can finally get to making dry dirt and prepping traps. Lots of plans for this fall and winter. Including some trapping trips north, south and west! Retirement is a blessing and I intend to go great guns for a few years. At least with low fur prices it seems permissions are pretty easy to get.

It appeared to me that attendance was low for the convention in July. In talking to vendors, it has been inconsistent across the country with Pennsylvania and the National Association's convention in Iowa way up, and Fur Takers and some others not as hot.

I have to say I was disappointed in the lack of volunteers from our District especially when we were hosting. I can only say that if volunteers don't step up in our organization, we cannot put on the conventions in magnitude we have. It seems the same core group has been the labor pool since I became involved. I believe the Tuesday set up crew was all over 65 but me! Hauling 75+ tables around is a young man's game.

That being said I thank those who step up every year and several folks who are new to the crew. I especially thank Duane Schmitz, Bert Highland, Brian Fisher, and Brenda Jindra for taking my many calls and emails tapping into their experience and knowledge.

At our district meeting on the Saturday morning of the convention, nominations were made for Paul Zieroth for Director and me for Co-Director. Elections will be held at our September 11th meeting in Grand Rapids.

John Backman
District 1 Director

©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2021 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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