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Dick Wilken, Hall of Fame recipient
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Dick Wilken
Dick Wilken started trapping when his uncle, Warren Youngberg helped him set his first weasel trap. Dick was just 5 years old and caught one weasel. When he was 6 years old he caught a weasel without help. He has trapped every year since with most years trapping being his main source of income.Dick bought Bill Nelson’s two trapping books back in the fifties and said they were the best help he had in becoming a better trapper. About 1961, MTA put an ad in Fur-Fish-Game magazine soliciting for new members. Dick responded to the ad and has been a member of the MTA ever since. In the sixties the MTA had four meetings a year. A lot of them were in the armory in Walker and Dick thanks Bob Newcombe who was a in the guard or worked at the armory as he is the one that got access for the association. During this time period, Dick became pretty good friends with John Elavsky, Galen Ward, Jim Thompson, Don Bolen, and Ken Parriseau. Dick served as the MTA President for two years 1971-1973. He also served as District three director for two years before Butch Dykhoff took over the position. Dick would like to express appreciation to his good friend Gary Strand who nominated Dick to the MTA Hall of Fame. He would also like to say thank you to MTA for electing him.
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