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Convention Land/Water and BTC events.

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Land, Water, and BTC Demos at Convention 2019
Land, water and BTC demo requests for 2019 in Redwood Falls:
What’s the program all about?
Educating our newcomers!

MTA, just completed our fourth season of Beginner Trappers Connection (BTC) at the 2018 State Convention in Barnum. A new educational program specifically designed for kids, youth, or any age beginner. Let me remind members of our objective’s. Introduce the sport to newcomers of all ages, help build up the MTA organization through increased membership and to engage youth with vendor interaction. After four season of organizing this program I am questioning its title. When you see the groups gathering around the BTC presenter you soon realize it’s not just young people. It’s hard to associate beginner with elderly people, but it’s become reality. So maybe a name change down the road would be in line.
4 years, changes are coming to keep interest for repeat participant’s!
I don’t have the answer for what’s changing. If you have thoughts let me know. The program will go on and we will see you all in Redwood Falls 2019, Want to be a part of this? me, love to have you.
Demo program reward process,
thank our sponsors!
We did follow the same format of certificate handouts. We had scheduled 13 demos. A special thanks to Craig Hilburn for his Saturday commitment and setup that we will need to expand on in the future. The program had its own tent, space and demo area. In the future we will have to go bigger with the tent to allow more space for demo setup and people space. I thought it was big enough but who would have thought it would rain most of the time. The tent was still a program saver. Thanks again board for approving the coverage over the area. This year a total of 88 certificates were handed out by presenters with a total of 87 redeemed. The number of certificates handed out was lower but the percentage of redeemed was much higher, almost 100%. This doesn’t work without the support of our willing supply vendors. Thank you all!

©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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