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News of importance to all trappers

*** NTA Alert - California - Oppose AB 44 ***

Please Note:
    • The deadline for comment has passed (July 31, 2019),  but is still important for our members to be aware of.
    • CA may need support from the MTA to help fight this in the future.
    • It does have the potential to impact all trappers across the country.
The following is from the NTA website:
The NTA has been asked to spread the word and enlist support in OPPOSING AB 44.
This bill would essentially ban the production, or possession of any products containing fur.
It is important that American consumers not allow policy makers to determine the goods we choose to purchase.
Below is a sample letter that you may use, or you may write your own.
Also, below is the letter requesting our assistance and instructions on how to send your opposition to this bill.
Please take the time to express your opposition to this bill to the appropriate parties listed below.
John Daniel, NTA President
Dear Friends of Fur,
We need your help one more time! On Aug. 12, AB44 will be in front of the Senate Appropriations committee and we need to flood them with letters of opposition.

To be included in the analysis, letters must be submitted through the committee portal (see link below). We need letters representing both businesses and individuals as these categories are counted separately.
Please take that same letter....again typing "No On AB44" in the subject line and e-mail to the list below.
Brian Jones      
Jerry Hill           
Anthony Portantino
Maria Durazo    
Steven Bradford
Pat Bates          
Robert Wieckowski
Appropriations Staff
Ashley Ames     
Sample letter -


I am writing to oppose AB 44 as amended 6/27/2019.

Designers and consumers recognize the value of fur as a natural, sustainable, and renewable resource.

Fur is a 30 billion dollar industry providing jobs and commerce in both rural and urban settings.

To prohibit the sale or possession of legally produced manufactured products, whether originating in the state of California or imported from other states, not only is a restriction in free enterprise but also contradicts the trade principles that our country was founded on.

American consumers should have the right to choose for themselves what products they purchase, wear, consume, display, or use in their everyday lives; so long as those products have been produced and manufactured in compliance within the guidelines and regulations within the state of their origin.
I strongly encourage you to oppose AB 44.

©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2019 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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